Dealing with Disappointment (Steps 2 and 3)

Dealing with Disappointment (Steps 2 and 3) In the last newsletter, I started sharing the steps I give my clients who are dealing with disappointment at any level (a negative pregnancy test, a missed cycle that pushes out your next test or procedure, etc.) Disappointment or fear of disappointment can cause you to stop your…

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Caught in this fertility conundrum?

Caught in this fertility conundrum? When there is something you want — but don’t have yet — you can end up focusing so hard on what you don’t have that there isn’t any space left to allow in what you do want. “If I just hold on a little harder, work a little harder, I’ll…

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Are You Adding or Subtracting to Your Life Essence / Fertility?

“It’s amazing what happened when I started to believe in myself again and trust my body and relax. I used to get upset when my OB told me to ‘relax, it will happen, “relaxing really was what I needed. “

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How Do I De-Stress in Real Life?

“How do I become fertile even when things in life are not perfect and there is a lot of personal stress?”

Underlying this question is the understanding that how you feel matters to your fertility.

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Why is “Relaxing” Important to Your Fertility?

When someone who has not experienced infertility tells someone who is currently having challenges to “just relax” the implication is: you’re overthinking this, you’re creating your own problem, if you just stopped worrying and fretting, then you’d get what you want (and oh, by the way, it’s easy to do all of this).

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