About Jennifer Bloome

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Welcome to Anji, Inc.! I am Jennifer Bloome, MSOT HWC, a Health and Wellness counselor, Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a Master Soul Language Practitioner.

For more than 20 years, I have been helping people learn how to align with their mind-body-soul to receive what they want. I am passionate about helping women create their family.

When I was five, my little brother was born. Those few months preceding his arrival were mesmerizing to me. I remember looking at drawings of developing babies in my Mom’s pregnancy books and then watching her belly. I knew right then and there I couldn’t wait to have it happen in my own body!

That experience sparked a deep passion for understanding how the female body works. From an undergraduate degree in Psychobiology (the biological basis of human behavior), to a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, to Labor and Birth Education training to Harvard’s Mind-Body program, to countless other programs, I have continually immersed myself in understanding the human body.

What I discovered is the body — while completely astonishing in its form — operates best when fully in alignment with our mind and soul. When there is misalignment, the body does not do what we want it to and can create significant heartbreak.

Especially in the area of creating babies.

Diving deeply into Energy Medicine Healing Practices, Soul Language, Epigenetics, Universal Law, the power of Beliefs, and much more, I have created the Being Fertile System to bring the body, mind, and soul into inner alignment to form a solid foundation for creating a baby.

My work has focused specifically on helping women who have been dealing with a diagnosis of infertility, although the concepts can be used for conscious conception as well.

Additionally, I have developed a number of tools to guide women to mind-body-soul connection including meridian tapping programs and a line of internationally recognized guided meditations, A Journey of the Heart, designed to help women experiencing a variety of types of conception (natural, medicated, IVF, etc.) through pregnancy and birth as well as individual healing work.