Are You Adding or Subtracting to Your Life Essence / Fertility?


Are You Adding or Subtracting to Your Life Essence / Fertility?

I received a beautiful e-mail from a client who used the Anji meditations to help with conceiving and a healthy pregnancy. During our e-mail conversation, she shared this comment with me.

“It’s amazing what happened when I started to believe in myself again and trust my body and relax. I used to get upset when my OB told me to ‘relax, it will happen.’ Relaxing really was what I needed.”

If only doctors were able to explain this in a deep and complete enough way, so many more people could be helped with that information! However, without an understanding of why it’s so important to incorporate relaxation, the comment “just relax” comes off sounding like a dismissal of your experience, or how you are feeling inside is unimportant or easy to change.

Mind-Body-Soul medicine can both explain the impact of how you feel on your fertility and give you the tools to shift. In other words, how you are feeling is directly related to your fertility, and therefore, vitally important to consider. (It isn’t just how you are feeling BECAUSE of your fertility challenges, but how your emotions and beliefs impacted your fertility BEFORE you wanted to conceive.)

Let me give you a more in-depth explanation from the point of view of one form of Mind-Body-Soul medicine, Chinese Medicine.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, we are all born with a life essence, which is stored and expressed as Kidney energy. The activity we do during our daily lives either adds to that bank of energy or removes it.

The goal is to have many more activities that add to the bank. When we constantly remove — through stress, anxiety, fear, busyness, etc. — we end up dipping into our basic life essence, which is hard on the body and the basic life processes we need to work — including reproduction.

How you feel is a perfect indicator of whether you are adding or subtracting from this life essence.

When your life is full of emotion that doesn’t feel good like perfectionism, fear, worry, shame, guilt, stress, hopelessness, and anger, you are not adding to the bank of life essence, you are withdrawing from it. People come into this life with all different amounts in their banks. However, with enough ongoing drains, no matter what you came in with, you will start draining that basic amount.

When your life and feelings tend more towards neutrality, hope, calm, peace, happiness, you are adding to your life essence.

What is even more interesting about all of this is that in Chinese Medicine, Kidney is responsible for reproduction. This gives you a direct correlation between how you feel and your ability to conceive.

For the next week, I ask you to slip into the role of observer: are you adding or subtracting from your life essence?

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome, MSOT, HWC is the founder and community leader of Anji, inc. and the creator of the Being Fertile System. The seven core principles of this system allow your body to restore its innate fertility and opens you to receive your baby. Jennifer is also the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart meditation series. Get started restoring your innate fertility with our free Being Fertile Meditation and Introductory Presentation: The Science of Being Fertile. Visit