Being Fertile Introductory Experience

Being Fertile is a state of being that allows your body to repair its internal fertile environment.

This state of being is opposite to what we create when we spend all our time DOING something to MAKE a pregnancy happen. While you do not get pregnant sitting alone on a couch, when you are constantly pushing and striving to make something happen, you accidentally end up creating more strain on your internal fertility environment.

Spending more time in the Being Fertile state allows your body to rebalance, repair, and be open to receive a pregnancy.

The question is, though: How? How do I do this on a daily basis? I created the Being Fertile System to show you how to create the Being Fertile state within you on a regular basis. The cornerstone of this System is the How of Being Fertile Principles. These (7) principles are the foundation for how to shift from DOING everything you can to get pregnant to focusing on Being Fertile.

In this 90-minute Being Fertile Introductory Experience you will:

  • Learn the (7) principles of the How of Being Fertile.
  • Learn one simple step for each principle so you can start using it in your daily life now.
  • Start releasing the emotions that keep you out of the Being Fertile being state.
  • Participate in an energetic healing and clearing exercise designed to shift you from doing to being.
  • Participate in a meditation designed to engage the Being Fertile state of being.

This Being Fertile Introductory Experience is pre-recorded, so you can list to the presentation (or simply download the audio) as soon as you are ready.