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Use these tools to create and maintain a Being Approach.
Tools range from guided meditations to a Being Fertile Introductory Experience.

Imagery and Meditations for IVF

Infertility Meditations

Use the powerful relaxation response to activate the Being state in your body. You can choose a meditation recording that is specific to the type of cycle you are doing or one that will focus on fertility in general.

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Pregnancy Meditations

Ease pregnancy discomforts and connect with your baby with the help of the powerful relaxation response. Choose a meditation recording for the trimester you are in or to prepare for labor and birth.

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General Health - front cover

Women’s Wellness Meditations

Regular relaxation practice eases stress, balances hormones, aids sleep, improves immune function, along with many other benefits.

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Ready to learn more about Being Fertile, but not quite ready to jump into the full Being Fertile System? This Being Fertile Introductory Experience is packed with details about how to start Being Fertile each day.

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