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    Stop chasing the baby - do this instead

    Stop chasing the baby – do this instead

    By Jennifer Bloome · April 17, 2024

    Stop chasing the baby – do this instead Today’s newsletter is a personal one. I had a significant nerve injury at the end of September last year which has created a lot of pain, suffering, and physical limitations. I did all the things I was supposed to do: rest, ice,…

    Don't just "tick" the boxes

    Don’t just “tick” the boxes

    By Jennifer Bloome · March 28, 2024

    Don’t just “tick” the boxes My purpose as the founder and community leader of Anji is to help women create the new pathways of thought that lead to Mind-Body-Spirit alignment and vibrant fertility. This is not a quick “fix”. And yet, it is the process that will correct imbalances within…

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    Being Fertile System

    Most of us have been taught to push and strive and DO...


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    About Jennifer Bloome

    Welcome to Anji, Inc.! I am Jennifer Bloome, MSOT HWC, a Health and...


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    Activating Fertility

    Knowing the difference between conceiving and fertility changes...


    "It is not your job to make a pregnancy happen.
    It is your job to receive a pregnancy."

    Jennifer Bloome