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    Dealing with Disappointment (Steps 2 and 3)

    By Jennifer Bloome · June 22, 2022

    Dealing with Disappointment (Steps 2 and 3) In the last newsletter, I started sharing the steps I give my clients who are dealing with disappointment at any level (a negative pregnancy test, a missed cycle that pushes out your next test or procedure, etc.) Disappointment or fear of disappointment can…


    Dealing with disappointment (step one)

    By Jennifer Bloome · June 12, 2022

    Dealing with disappointment (step one) While dealing with fertility struggles brings up a wide variety of emotions, one emotion I always help clients work through is the feeling of disappointment. Whether you are dealing with the disappointment of a medical test, a need to wait an extra two or three…

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    Being Fertile System

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    Activating Fertility

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    "It is not your job to make a pregnancy happen.
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