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    The Missing Critical Factor (Part 1)

    By Jennifer Bloome · November 6, 2021

    If biological systems were the only factors to consider, wouldn’t assisted reproductive technology success rates be higher? Wouldn’t you already be pregnant? 


    Anxiety and Depression Impact Fertility

    By Jennifer Bloome · October 24, 2021

    Anxiety and Depression Impact Fertility We live in a culture that continues to deny the importance and impact of our emotions. Progress is happening, but shame is still interwoven through mental health diagnosis and crises. You only have to look at this summer’s Olympic Games and the outcry that accompanied…

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    Being Fertile System

    Most of us have been taught to push and strive and DO...


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    About Jennifer Bloome

    Welcome to Anji, Inc.! I am Jennifer Bloome, MSOT HWC, a Health and...


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    Activating Fertility

    Knowing the difference between conceiving and fertility changes...


    "It is not your job to make a pregnancy happen.
    It is your job to receive a pregnancy."

    Jennifer Bloome