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It is not your job to make a pregnancy happen.
It is your job to receive a pregnancy

Work with me to receive your bab



What keeps you from being in a state of receiving? The reasons are as individual as you are, but here are some common themes:

  • Yearning. Anxiety. Fear. Worry. Needing a  baby. 
  • DOING EVERYTHING you can to make something happen (and being afraid to stop anything because you’re afraid that it will be the one thing that would have helped). 
  • Underlying beliefs that contradict a feeling state of receiving easily (have to work hard to get what I want, have to earn what I am given, my body doesn’t do what I want). 
  • Needing to be perfect. 
  • Trauma that keeps you from feeling safe in your body (sexual trauma, abortions that you are grieving or feeling guilty/shame about, history of physical illness in your body or someone close to you, fear of medical procedures).
  • Trauma from ongoing fertility treatments 
  • Underlying beliefs about being a parent (children ruin marriages, I don't want to be my Mother/Father, how can I bring a child into this world
  • And many more

Our work together will identify and heal the underlying beliefs, patterns, memories that are creating internal stressors that keep you from receiving your baby.

One on One Sessions

These sessions focus on identifying and releasing what is keeping you from receiving your baby. All sessions are 60 minutes and are held via Zoom. Following each session you receive a comprehensive follow up.

3 Session Single Issue Package

Use this package to:

  • Prepare for an upcoming cycle
  • Address a specific fear
  • Explore belief patterns
  • And more

Investment: $500

6 Session Healing Package

  • Identify and uncover underlying beliefs
  • Identify and Release stored trauma from the body
  • Amplify your ability to receive
  • And more

Investment: $850 (or 2 payments of $430)

Activating Fertility (4 months)  

A comprehensive program that focuses on every level of the Mind~Body~Spirit continuum to open you to receive your baby. Click here for more information

Online Program

Being Fertile System

This self-paced system guides you from struggling to conceive to Be-ing Fertile. You’ll learn the seven core principles of Be-ing Fertile and begin to embody each of them, so you can shift out of a Do-ing approach and into a Be-ing approach. You will also learn how to clear the feelings and beliefs that keep you stuck in a “doing” cycle and change your underlying beliefs so you support your body and fertility in a brand new way.

Click here for more information


Know you are ready to work with me, but not sure what package or program to choose. Set up an appointment and let's chat! Click here for my calendar.