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Knowing the difference between conceiving and fertility changes your ability to create your family.

What you have been taught about conceiving is that all that’s needed is egg, sperm, and a uterus.

But months, perhaps years of putting all those together has shown you there is something more required — otherwise, you’d have your family by now.

The missing factor is your personal fertility environment.

Fertility is required for conceiving. Conceiving is not required for fertility.
When conception or a healthy pregnancy isn't happening — and — isn't happening — and — isn't happening, you have a tendency to proclaim, “I am not fertile.” Conception becomes the defining factor of fertility — and of being a woman.
With each step you take into assisted reproduction, you can begin to feel less and less "womanly," less fertile, until you end up feeling like an “empty vessel.” INfertile. UNfertile.
And yet, there is so much MORE to fertility ~ and it all has an impact on conception.

What makes you fertile?

Your fertility is so much more than the depth of your uterine lining and your hormone numbers.

Every woman has an inherent, internal fertile environment — her creativity, her intuition, her internal nature all contributes. It’s there whether you’ve been coached to use it or not.

A fertile woman carries richness within her; a belief in herself. She produces creatively: in thought and in action (work, hobby, community). She values herself and knows her own worth. She lives comparison free knowing others have no impact on her ability and right to be who she is. She understands herself to be a unique strand of the Divine and continues to strive to deepen her connection with the Divine and understand her own Soul. She is comfortable in her own timing, is at peace with where she is and feels completely safe opening herself to receive exactly what she wants. She regularly co-creates with Divinity. She knows when to stay still and when to act.

When any aspect of fertility is blocked, the energy flow within the body is blocked, and systems of the body stop working effectively. Disease appears in the form of cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, breast issues, cycle challenges, and eventually, difficulty conceiving.

Rich fertility is required for conceiving.

But, what if you’ve gotten to the point where you are using assisted reproduction — IVF — donor gametes — is your fertility still important for conceiving?

Regardless of where the gametes come from or how they are generated, it is still YOUR fertility responsible for nurturing and developing the embryo for nine months into a healthy baby.

YOUR hormones and systems will be bathing that embryo, creating the architecture of your baby’s brain.

You and your fertility are an integral part, a very necessary part, of creating a child.

Regardless of how conception occurs and where the gametes come from, this is the real truth: you are more than an “empty vessel,” you are a vital part of how a child develops; your fertility is vital.

So how does this impact conceiving your baby?

Think about the qualities of fertility: rich, creative, sense of worthiness, being in your own time and rhythm, connection with a sense of being part of something bigger than you.

What is flowing within you? What is blocked?

Freeing up the blocks will activate your fertility and your ability to conceive.

You might wonder what could be blocking your inner fertility and how they started. Blocks are as individual as you are, but here are some common themes:

  • Habits of perfectionism, worry, fear, or anxiety.
  • Feeling shame about your sexuality, sexual experiences.
  • Early experiences that led you to make decisions about how children negatively impact relationship, money, career.
  • Feeling unsafe in your body.
  • Needing a child to feel complete, whole, or worthy.
  • Habits of needing to achieve to “prove” your worth.
  • Disconnecting from your own inner wisdom, your own inner divinity.
  • Previous trauma with pregnancy or childbirth (either your own or someone close to you): abortion, miscarriage, difficult birth, and more.
  • Deep fear about how a child will impact your life, concern for the health of your child-to-be.
  • Feeling that you, alone, have to make something happen.
  • Constantly pushing to MAKE life happen for you.

When you try to make conception happen without understanding your personal fertility environment or your inner blocks to fertility, you respond in the only way you know how: DO whatever you can to create your family.

The only problem with this is: with fertility, the harder you try, the harder you push, the more stress you put on your body and reproductive system. Stress (whether from emotions or underlying beliefs) creates a danger signal in your body, which in turn creates a cascade of physiological changes that are damaging to your fertility.

So now, in addition to the original blocks to your fertility, you have accidentally placed your body in a physiological state of being that is opposite to what it needs to be able to conceive. This further dampens your fertility.

The key to connecting with your lush, rich, fertile inner environment is an open and receptive state of being.

But, how do you do this when it feels like time is running out?

How do you allow an open and receptive state of being when you thought you were open and receptive before you ever started to try to conceive?

How do you “let go” when wanting a baby runs so deeply through your system?

How do you remain open when you’ve experienced nothing but heartbreaking sadness and disappointment?

That’s why I created, and I’m excited to share…

Activating Fertility

A whole-life fertility program designed to guide you to release your blocks and take on the new thoughts and beliefs, which help you open your ― mind, body, and soul ― to your fertility. This program guides you to open and connect to your abundant inner fertility environment ― to what I call the “Be-ing Fertile State.”

The Activating Fertility program is an individual, one-on-one experience focused on every level of the Mind~Body~Soul continuum to guide you to release the blocks to your own richness and reconnect to your personal, abundant, inner fertility environment.

Program Specifics

This four-month program is appropriate for you whether you are taking a natural approach to your fertility, or if you are using ART.

  • Before we begin, you will complete an in-depth questionnaire that will identify underlying patterns and blocks to fertility. This is a potent first step to healing.
  • Weekly phone/Zoom sessions with me to:
    • Release both your blocks to fertility and the emotional pain that has been created due to your experiences with infertility that magnify the blocks’ impact on your fertility.
    • Identify your Soul Abundance Blueprint ― using the paradigm of Soul Language, I will identify your (3) core Soul Languages, which create the foundation of your inner fertile environment. I will also identify your (3) Sacred Partnership with the Divine Languages. These energies will help you form a deeper understanding and partnership with Divinity, which will strengthen your inner fertile environment.
    • Nourish and activate your inner fertile environment by building new thoughts/beliefs/emotional patterns based on your Soul Abundance Blueprint and the core principles of Being Fertile.
    • Learn emotional healing tools, which we will utilize in session and between sessions (Emotional Freedom Technique, guided meditation, visualization, and many more).
  • Written follow up after each call:
    • I’ll send you detailed follow-up about any recommended tools from the session.
    • Receive specific action items, so you can continue the healing even in between sessions.
    • Receive specific EFT language based on the healing we did during the session.

Program Investment

One payment: $1,995 OR 4-Payments of $500 (billed automatically monthly).

Given the investment of both time and financial resources, let’s have a quick chat about whether or not this is the right fit for you. Click here to set up a time on my calendar. If you are having any difficulty getting scheduled, please email me at .

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