Knowing When to Shift Into Do-Ing

Knowing When to Shift Into Doing

Knowing When to Shift Into Do-Ing

One of the most challenging aspects of taking a Be-ing approach to your fertility is knowing when to shift into Do-ing. To be able to make this shift easily, you must first understand about the energy you carry within your body.

The state of Be-ing is governed by the feminine aspect of our divinity.

Each of us is a blend of divine feminine and divine masculine. Typically, the feminine is about receiving and the masculine is about doing. But I want to share something deeper about the feminine.

The feminine carries both Yin and Yang energy.

Yin is the more traditional feminine that we think of — nurturing, gentle, allowing, being. This is the uterus, the womb that receives the embryo, and gestates the baby.

This same womb also births the baby. In Divine right timing. This is the Yang feminine energy. The part of you that will know when it is right timing for you to act.

To know when to shift from Be-ing to Do-ing, you must:

  1. Trust you have both halves of the feminine within you. We have learned to listen to everything that is outside of ourselves: deadlines, other people’s timelines, how we think life should unfold. We have forgotten the art of listening to ourselves.
  2. Remember Be-ing IS a Do-ing step. Allowing yourself the peace, time, and quiet is as much of an action step as taking hormones or going to yoga. Our culture has cast this type of action as at best “relaxing” or at worst, “lazy.”
  3. Build your connection with your inner being. The more you build this connection, the more you will hear its soft voice from within.
  4. Connect first. If you have a decision to make, connect with your inner being, your inner divinity. Then think about the decision. How does your body feel? What messages are you getting?
  5. Trust your intuitive hits — both fertility and non-fertility related. The more you listen and act, the more you will hear.
  6. If something doesn’t feel right, stop.

Most importantly, when you act, do it from your whole being. Meaning, don’t do it but also worry about whether it is the right time, or if you are going to make a mistake, etc. Be in complete alignment with whatever decision you make and every action you take.

The more you practice, the easier it will become to know when it is time to transition between Be-ing and Do-ing.

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Jennifer Bloome

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