Caught in this fertility conundrum?

closed gate

Caught in this fertility conundrum?

When there is something you want — but don’t have yet — you can end up focusing so hard on what you don’t have that there isn’t any space left to allow in what you do want.

“If I just hold on a little harder, work a little harder, I’ll receive what I want.”

This is what we’re all taught, right? If I am just “good enough” or if I “sacrifice enough” I’ll prove to whomever makes the rules that I should really have what I want.

In truth, you just get more and more, and more closed, and hurt and tired as you make your grip tighter and tighter onto the thought that you don’t have what you want. Your heart and your body close down and you retreat from the world around you.

NOT the path to getting what you want — particularly fertility. Fertility is about openness, nurturing, nourishment.

As difficult as it sounds, begin to release your grip on those “don’t have” thoughts. Allow yourself to become more open and you will find yourself opening up to receive what you want.

But, being closed helps to keep the pain away and keep you safe, right? On the surface, it feels like this is true, and yet, being closed cuts everything off.

Think of having a deep cut on your arm. Initially, putting a tourniquet above the cut keeps the blood from spilling out. But, if you left that tourniquet in place for too long, there would be no nutrients or oxygen coming to that part of your arm and eventually, it would die.

Taking the first step to opening is often the hardest. Here is an energy technique to help ease the fear:

Place your right hand on your right temple, and your left hand on your left temple. Begin to gently tap on the bone. Staying on the bone, tap up and over your ears. While you are tapping, say out loud, “It is safe to open back up. I am ready to open back up.” Repeat 5 times.

Now consider this: how can I open up to my FERTILITY instead of closing down because of my INFERTILITY?

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome, MSOT, HWC is the founder and community leader of Anji, inc. and the creator of the Being Fertile System. The seven core principles of this system allow your body to restore its innate fertility and opens you to receive your baby. Jennifer is also the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart meditation series. Get started restoring your innate fertility with our free Being Fertile Meditation and Introductory Presentation: The Science of Being Fertile. Visit