Is Your Infertility Your Fault?

Mind~Body connection does NOT mean you are consciously choosing to have difficulty conceiving. There’s absolutely no blame; simply an opportunity to learn how to positively affect your fertility now you are aware of factors that used to be outside of your control.

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Are Someone Else’s Beliefs Stagnating Your Fertility?

Your mind~body~spirit’s main job is to keep you safe and alive. It’s in easy to think of some forms of safety: keeping you from stepping out in front of a bus, or deciding not to slip into bath water that makes your foot reflexes recoil from water so hot you would burn your skin. But what if safety came from your belief that you can’t share your true thoughts? Or that it was more important that someone else be happy than you? Or if something comes easily to you, you don’t deserve it?

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Is What You Know for Sure… True?

How often are you certain that you KNOW what’s going to happen?

I am not talking about the ‘crystal ball’ type of seeing the future. What I am talking about are the times when you are certain you know what the outcome of a situation is going to be:

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Being vs Doing to Improve Fertility

When you are working on building your family, you can take two different approaches: a “doing” approach and a “being” approach.

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How Do I De-Stress in Real Life?

“How do I become fertile even when things in life are not perfect and there is a lot of personal stress?”

Underlying this question is the understanding that how you feel matters to your fertility.

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It’s NOT Your Job to MAKE the Baby!

Depending on who you are, you might substitute any other action step: the right doctor, the right Chinese Medicine practitioner, the right diet, the right amount of sleep, the right amount of meditation, etc. Get the wrong formula and you won’t *make* the pregnancy happen.

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