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Caught in this fertility conundrum?

Caught in this fertility conundrum? When there is something you want — but don’t have yet — you can end up focusing so hard on what you don’t have that there isn’t any space left to allow in what you do want. “If I just hold on a little harder, work a little harder, I’ll…

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releasing emotions

A Key Way to Improve Fertility

One of the most potent ways you can create change within your reproductive system requires mastering one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with infertility: your emotions. And I want to invite you to a class that will teach you just that.

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Getting Through the Two Week Wait

“How do you maintain a positive attitude while in the waiting period after embryo transfer (for IVF cycle) and preparing yourself emotionally for a possible failure? After several failed cycles, it is too painful to not try to prepare oneself for a negative outcome.

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Are You Adding or Subtracting to Your Life Essence / Fertility?

“It’s amazing what happened when I started to believe in myself again and trust my body and relax. I used to get upset when my OB told me to ‘relax, it will happen, “relaxing really was what I needed. “

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Knowing When to Shift Into Doing

Knowing When to Shift Into Do-Ing

One of the most challenging aspects of taking a Be-ing approach to your fertility is knowing when to shift into Do-ing. To be able to make this shift easily, you must first understand about the energy you carry within your body.

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Age and Fertility

Last week I had an e-mail from a client who had stumbled across an article online in which several reproductive endocrinologists were detailing the dwindling chances of conceiving in your 30’s and 40’s.

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