Which came first?

Which came first

Which came first?

The premise of mind-body-Soul medicine is that all components of our Being are connected. The combinations and permutations of these connected states are endless:

  • The mind (what we are thinking and feeling) creates changes in the chemical nature of our body which influences all of the systems of our body.
  • Our connection with Soul (our understanding of our Divinity) influences how we feel and therefore how the cells of our body perform.
  • The way our body works (or doesn’t) creates emotions and determines how connected we feel to the Soul.

You get the idea.

The beauty of this connection is that when one of the components is not working as it should, we can lean on the other two aspects of our Being to bring everything back into balance and normal functioning.

You can create better physical fertility using the mind and the Soul.


When you have a diagnosis like infertility, it is natural to think thoughts like: there is something wrong with my body. There is something wrong here that I need to fix and change.

The problem with that, however, is that your cells are always listening to your thoughts (more accurately, the emotions that your thoughts generate).

When you send signals to your body that there is something wrong, your body reads it as danger and starts the fight/fight/flee reponse. As a result of that response, your cells go into protection mode and stop doing anything other than survival tasks (fertility is not a survival task).

You can use both your mind and your connection with Soul to reverse the thought and feeling of “wrong” that comes from the diagnosis as well as any other thoughts and feelings that happened before your diagnosis that could have been impacting your physical body long before your fertility became involved.

For example:

  • One of the inherent issues with infertility is that there is so much waiting. Waiting for the next cycle, the next appointment with the doctor, the next type of treatment, and of course the dreaded two week wait once you ARE moving forward with a cycle. Waiting can create an internal atmosphere of worry, fear, and just general crabbiness (all warranted!) which can spiral to the point where you feel out of control (your body will read this as more danger).

    Giving yourself a mantra of some kind, “No matter what happens, I’m going to be a Mother”, or, “Right now, in this moment, I am ok and I am on my way to being a Mother”, or words that reflect your own personal beliefs, gives you the power to stop the spiral before it starts. This uses the power of your mind to feed your body the messages that support cellular growth rather than protection.
  • The world we live in is full of strife and fear and things that need to change. Of course we see things are wrong and feel fear and worry. However, the body doesn’t know the difference between what is happening outside of you or inside of you. You can use the Mind to help the body create a new sense of peace and safety which will directly impact your reproductive system.
  • The more you know and align yourself with who you are at a Soul level, the more you can accept who you are, right now, without changing ANYTHING about your body, your accomplishments, your appearance, your job, your relationships, and the more you let go of the sense that there is something wrong with you. When you no longer believe there is something wrong, your body will stop the fight or flight response which in turn will give more energy to your body and your fertility.

These are only a brief demonstration of how you can use your mind and your Soul to influence your body. The way you can use the interconnection of the mind-body-Soul to support your fertility is a huge topic which warrants further discussion and evidence.

What I want you to walk away with now is that right now, woven into the very fabric of your Being, you have the ability to create real change to your fertility.

All of my programs teach you how to use the powerful interconnection of the mind-body-Soul. 
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Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome, MSOT, HWC is the founder and community leader of Anji, inc. and the creator of the Being Fertile System. The seven core principles of this system allow your body to restore its innate fertility and opens you to receive your baby. Jennifer is also the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart meditation series. Get started restoring your innate fertility with our free Being Fertile Meditation and Introductory Presentation: The Science of Being Fertile. Visit anjionline.com.