The Missing Critical Factor (Part 3)

The Missing Critical Factor (Part 3) Over the last several newsletters, I’ve been sharing information on the “missing critical factor” for conceiving. In Part One, I shared the missing critical factor: You must focus outside the reproductive system in order to make changes TO your reproductive system. It’s not just the eggs, sperm, and uterus…

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The Missing Critical Factor (Part 2)

The Missing Critical Factor (Part 2) When you change your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, you change your body. You change your fertility. You enrich yourself and your fertility. For some of you, these statements will resonate. Others might be skeptical. You’ll ask, “How is this really possible?” While it may feel like “new science” to…

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The Missing Critical Factor (Part 1)

If biological systems were the only factors to consider, wouldn’t assisted reproductive technology success rates be higher? Wouldn’t you already be pregnant? 

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Anxiety and Depression Impact Fertility

Anxiety and Depression Impact Fertility We live in a culture that continues to deny the importance and impact of our emotions. Progress is happening, but shame is still interwoven through mental health diagnosis and crises. You only have to look at this summer’s Olympic Games and the outcry that accompanied Simone Biles’ decision to sit…

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Feeling positive?

Feeling positive? First, the “scary” news: A research study done with women who were going through IVF showed that the women who were more optimistic and hopeful had more eggs and went on to have more live births than women who were the least optimistic. I say this is scary simply because fertility is filled…

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