Riding the teeter-totter of information


Riding the teeter-totter of information

One of the questions I get often is: How do I know? How do I know what to add to my “fertility routine” and what can I ignore? How do I know if something is really going to help me get and stay pregnant? How can I know without constantly researching and asking questions?

Answering this for yourself can feel like an out-of-control experience on a teeter-totter ( I’m probably dating myself horribly with that reference to a piece of playground equipment that isn’t around much anymore! But the analogy is just too good to not use.)

On one side of the metaphorical teeter-totter is all the information that you could possibly find about how to improve your chances to conceive, ways to conceive, what your body needs to stay pregnant, etc. You could spend weeks and months researching this and never run out of new opinions.

The other side of the teeter-totter is paying attention to and choosing to do ONLY the activities that will create success for you.

 To keep your balance, I suggest:

  1. First is to realize that it IS about balance.  More information is not better.  You can’t fix all fertility issues simply with information.  Remember, this is not a diagnosis that responds to pushing, shoving, overwhelming it with effort. Your body will respond with more cortisol and adrenaline when you push to figure it out.

    You want your search for information to come from a centered, knowing state of being.  When you are searching out of the hidden, underlying motivators, then the very act of constantly seeking information tells your body that it isn’t safe…that there’s a danger.

  2. Second, you want to get curious about the underlying factors that create the need to be leaning over onto the side of information to the point it throws you completely out of balance. Get curious when you get that urge to seek answers.  What internal need is it satisfying for you?

    Yes, it is important to have information, but when it is constant seeking, there is usually something driving that push. Is it fear that you are the only one who really cares about creating this baby and if you miss something you won’t get what you want? Is it about needing to find the reason – not just so you can conceive, but so you can finally understand why you’re going through what you’re going through?

    The more awareness you have, the more you can heal what throws you out of alignment, and the faster you can connect to an information mindset that will help you be more connected with the right path for you.

    Help yourself recognize the signals when you are searching for information because it is time to do it and when it’s because of the underlying, hidden motivators.

  3. Develop a practice that allows you to connect with your internal wisdom so that you can know what information to follow and which to leave.

    This is a step that is vital to understanding what information will work for you – and it is one that takes nurturing. Take time to connect to your internal wisdom by making time to BE rather than DO. This looks like regularly practicing the relaxation response, being out in nature, time for quiet contemplation, or just quiet your brain period.

    Once you’ve spent time “being”, review your options. What decision resonates with you from this centered, connected state of being?

When you take the time to follow these three steps, you will start making decisions that will still feel good in a month, 6 months, a year, and more. You will have the confidence that you have followed your best path for your specific body and situation.

Need help learning how to put these three steps into practice? Reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together.

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