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Caught in this fertility conundrum?

Caught in this fertility conundrum? When there is something you want — but don’t have yet — you can end up focusing so hard on what you don’t have that there isn’t any space left to allow in what you do want. “If I just hold on a little harder, work a little harder, I’ll…

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Age and Fertility

Last week I had an e-mail from a client who had stumbled across an article online in which several reproductive endocrinologists were detailing the dwindling chances of conceiving in your 30’s and 40’s.

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Is Your Infertility Your Fault?

Mind~Body connection does NOT mean you are consciously choosing to have difficulty conceiving. There’s absolutely no blame; simply an opportunity to learn how to positively affect your fertility now you are aware of factors that used to be outside of your control.

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It’s NOT Your Job to MAKE the Baby!

Depending on who you are, you might substitute any other action step: the right doctor, the right Chinese Medicine practitioner, the right diet, the right amount of sleep, the right amount of meditation, etc. Get the wrong formula and you won’t *make* the pregnancy happen.

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Can Anyone Guarantee Pregnancy Success?

When you have tried dozens out of the 60 million options without luck, it’s reasonable to become a bit jaded and cautious. How do you utilize products/services that will help you and release the rest?

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Common Fertility Blocks

In my 19 years of experience in working with women to help them create the family they desire, I have noticed certain themes in these beliefs that were blocking their ability to conceive.

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