The Final Steps to Work Through Disappointment

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The Final Steps to Work Through Disappointment

In the last 2 newsletters, I have been sharing the steps I give my clients who are dealing with disappointment at any level (a negative pregnancy test, a missed cycle that pushes out your next test or procedure, etc.)

Disappointment or fear of disappointment can cause you to stop your journey to creating your child or spin you into helplessness or depression (both of which can impact your fertility).

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Today I am offering the final  2 steps in the process:

The fourth step in dealing with disappointment is: Forgive the others who were involved.

Bet you could see this one coming!

Here’s the deal with forgiving others: it’s NOT about saying that what they did or didn’t do was right or even okay.

It’s about being ready to release your energetic connections to the situation. When you hold onto anger or frustration, or any type of emotions, it simply keeps that situation alive in your body. And, those emotions use up a lot of energetic resources within your body as well as show up manifested in physical form as illness.

Play with this step and see how it works for you.

Who do you blame for the disappointment? For each person that you name, imagine a part of your energy field is tied up holding onto this emotion.

When you are able to release these energy holds, your body has many more resources to be directing towards all the aspects that are involved in your innate fertility. And, it is important to remember that even releasing just a small portion of these emotions will positively affect your body.

Release what you can today, then a little bit more tomorrow, and a little bit more the day after that. What aspects are you ready to release, right now, in this moment because you are ready to move forward?

The fifth and final step in dealing with disappointment: step into a neutral emotional place.

Different types of disappointment will have varying degrees of emotional intensity.  Do not feel like you have to move from sadness and disappointment directly into positivity or hope?  Yes, those emotions feel better and are a goal, but the first step is neutral. 

If you are feeling really angry or sad and disappointed, wouldn’t neutral feel better?  Then, from neutral you can move upwards towards hope.

The feeling of disappointment has a habit of building into deeper feelings of sadness, depression, anger and more which can play a role in continuing infertility.

These steps are easy to outline in a newsletter; application is where it gets tricky.

Jennifer Bloome

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