Unlock Your Fertility

Dissolve the Mind~Body~Spirit Blocks
that are Impeding Your Fertility

Create the Internal Chemistry Your Body Needs to Conceive

Open to Your Creative, Fertile Potential

Open to Be-ing Fertile

It’s only natural to want to do everything you possibly can to have your baby. How could anything be more important?

The only issue is that with fertility, the harder you try and the harder you push, the more stress you put on your body and reproductive system. Stress (whether from emotions or underlying beliefs) creates a danger signal in your body which in turn creates a cascade of physiological changes that are damaging to your fertility.

Fertility requires an open and receptive state of being.

But, how do you do this when it feels like time is running out? How do you allow an open and receptive state of being when you thought you were open and receptive before you ever started to try to conceive? How do you “let go” when wanting a baby runs so deeply through your system? How do you remain open when you’ve experienced nothing but heartbreaking sadness and disappointment?

Introducing: Unlock Your Fertility — A whole life fertility program designed to guide you to the new thoughts and beliefs, which help you open you — mind, body, and spirit — to your fertility. In short, this program guides you to
Be-ing Fertile.

I truly believe that my work with Jennifer was the key that unlocked my fertility. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and will soon be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into our lives. My husband and I had been trying to conceive a child for five years, and had received a LOT of medical assistance along the way. In addition, we had pursued many avenues to aid the medical process such as: holistic nutrition, acupuncture, fertility yoga, massage, reiki, meditation, and even professional counseling for stress management and reduction, but to our disappointment and frustration.... still NO baby! However, it was within months of working with Jennifer that my 'Infertility' was transformed and I became fully fertile and ready to conceive! I first attended the amazing fertility support group and then worked with Jennifer in some one-to-one deep healing sessions. Jennifer has taught me so much about the power of the mind-body connection in the conception process. She helped me to identify and remove barriers (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) that were standing in the way of a clear path towards pregnancy. Once I was able to recognize deeply rooted belief patterns and entrenched fears that were blocking my fertility, Jennifer taught me how to acknowledge and release these blockages. This 'acknowledging and releasing' process created not only a deep sense of inner peace and wholeness, but also a huge shift in my physical body too... a body that now sports a beautiful baby bump :)

All the very best on your own journey towards parenthood. I believe with all my heart that Jennifer can help you get there!

Warm regards,

The Unlock Your Fertility program is an individual, one-on-one service based program focused on every level of the Mind~Body~Spirit continuum to help create the internal space for conception to occur:


  • Show you how to more than simply exist day-to-day, trying to handle the sadness, anger, and fear you feel inside while you are waiting to conceive. You will get yourself back.
  • How your thoughts and beliefs affect your reproductive organs (and more importantly, what to do about them).
  • How to know once and for all that you are NOT to blame for your fertility; however, you DO hold the power to open it back up.
  • Tap into your subconscious mind to remove the blocks to fertility your mind~body~spirit placed, thinking that it was doing what you wanted.
  • Learn how to shift from DOING to BEING.
  • Move from desperation to hope to belief in your expanding family.
  • Learn how to “let go” while maintaining your desire for family.
  • Know without a doubt what the next step is to create your family.
  • Learn the most impactful emotional skill. This is not about being positive 100% of the time. Rather, your most important skill is learning how to allow emotions to flow through you.

After two and half years of trying for a baby, with nothing wrong with my husband and I medically, and trying to figure things out on my own by going down the alternative medicine path, I decided I needed to explore the mind body connection to see if there were any subconscious beliefs holding me back and try to uncover why this experience was happening to me. As this is my first major life crisis (and it's a big one!), I realized I needed help on an emotional level and had also started to question where I fit into the world. Why was this happening to me on a spiritual level? It took a bit of courage to reach out to a complete stranger in America, but after listening to a few of Jennifer's calls, I felt comfortable enough to call and book the sessions, and I'm very glad I did.

Over 12 weeks we broke down the overwhelming emotions into bite size pieces where I was able to work through my feelings and beliefs, where they came from, and release them from my system. This is a really important part of the process because it's such a complex and overwhelming thing to happen to you (as you are well aware if you are reading this), effecting so many parts of you and your life.

Jennifer is an expert. She asks the right questions and you feel safe getting all those horrible feelings out of your system. Also, she gives you a different and more healthy perspective on things, which makes all the difference.

As a result of our sessions, I had a particular breakthrough where I was able to face an experience from my past and let go of it, which I believe was holding me back. My body now knows that it's "safe" to have a baby. As a result of this and the 12 weeks, I feel like a changed person. I no longer feel heavy with sadness, but much lighter with more joy and clarity than before, and now I am planning a big 40th birthday party in six weeks.

I am still on my journey to motherhood (and still have my sad moments) but I can relax and enjoy my life knowing it will come when it is meant to and my job is to have a great life in the meantime. A baby, when it comes (and I know it will), will be the cherry on top of the already fabulous cake!

And then Aysha’s follow up:

I wanted to share some amazing news with you. I am delighted to be able to tell you I am 27 weeks pregnant! It finally happened as I knew it eventually would. My last session with you was around April last year and I conceived in August. At the time, I felt happy and free, and was just enjoying being 40 and living my life. I was on a break from doing any more treatments (we still have one fertilized embryo on ice) but I wasn't ready to put it back in and didn't know when I would be.

I ended up conceiving naturally in the end (hurrah!) with the aid of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

So now I am very pregnant and the baby is constantly moving all day and night. I am incredibly happy and content, and cannot wait to give birth. So there you have it — the end of my fertility journey or maybe the beginning. I would like to thank you for the important part you played, which is one I will always be grateful for and never forget.



  • Create the internal chemistry your body needs to support your innate fertility.
  • Show you how your physical symptoms of infertility are the exact clues you need to know in order to unblock your fertility (whether those symptoms are high FSH, fibroids, long menstrual cycle, short/long luteal phases, PCOS, miscarriage, incompetent cervix, poor lining, etc., even unexplained).
  • Reduce the cellular level stress throughout your body, allowing your immune, neurologic, and endocrine systems to come back into balance and support conception and healthy pregnancy.
  • Bring your body into alignment with fertility and pregnancy.

I don't remember how I found Jennifer's website but I started subscribing to her newsletter at least a year before I began to consider her program. I had struggled with endometriosis and infertility for 2 1/2 years, and had already spent a fortune on surgeries, ART, acupuncture and therapy. I was very wary of making yet another financial commitment. But when Jennifer offered a free conference call, I made it a priority to see what Anji was all about. During that call I found her particular style of visualization, breath-work, and tapping to be extremely effective and relaxing. When she described her 12 week one-on-one program, I knew it was the right thing for me. I began working with Jennifer shortly after, and each session proved to be extraordinarily powerful as we were able to uncover many memories and emotions that I had no idea were keeping me from fully opening to the possibility of motherhood. Our sessions were unstructured, and I had the freedom to address whatever happened to come up for healing at that moment. Many times the most seemingly innocent events or feelings would lead to a massive clearing of emotion, I just had to be willing to follow the thread. Jennifer made it so easy to stay present, and to trust my instincts and intuition.

I am so very happy to report that before our eleventh session I discovered that my miracle had finally happened...without any medical "help" or intervention! Even though my goal in enrolling in the Anji program was simply to be at peace with whatever situation presented itself, I am convinced that the work I did with Jennifer was key to my body's opening to new life.



  • Ease you into the states of being that are most conducive to fertility: trust, surrender, and knowing.
  • Give you a specific tool to connect with your Soul, your own internal connection with the Divine. When you are in Soul alignment, you are no longer working against you. You are also able to understand the habits of thought/emotion, which are simply a sign that you are out of connection with your own Soul.
  • Learn how to let go and co-create with the Divine / God / Universe; you don’t have to do this alone.

I believe so strongly you were a huge part in the success of this pregnancy and I know your methods work. You are such a kind and genuinely caring person that wants to help women in any way you can. You were my tool to heal myself, handed to me by the goddess herself, because she knew exactly who could help me through my tough journey to motherhood. Well tomorrow, I will finally be that mother I always wanted to be. So many emotions flood through me when I think about it. I cannot say thank you enough. THANK YOU!


This program will give you a completely different view on conception and what you can do to open your body to conceiving.

“In order to change the printout of the body, you must learn to rewrite the software of the mind” —Deepak Chopra

Will I be successful if I participate in this program?

Women participating in this program achieve success in many different ways.

Sometimes success happens quite quickly:

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to say thanks and tell you I just found out I am pregnant naturally after four years and a negative IVF. I purchased your CD for visualization and I also subscribed to your program. The first time I did the first session I had this major release of so much anxiety and so much sadness I had been holding in. I think this really helped me open up and stop being so fearful and afraid of failing. Thanks for having this site and trying to help women. You are a true inspiration.

All the best,

Sometimes it evolves:

At the end of her program, Yu-Pin shared her thoughts with me:

Before working with Jennifer, I always cried and got depressed when I got my period because of the failure to conceive for two years.

Working full time in a big city added another stress in my life and I was always exhausted emotionally at the end of the day.

After working with Jennifer for few months, I started to understand myself better and learned concrete skills (EFT) to deflect negative thoughts and perceptions at work and in the process of trying to conceive.

I am in the process of using assisted medical procedure to get pregnant and my doctors were pleasantly surprised based on my "low ovarian reserve" that my hormones have become very steady and especially my FSH has decreased significantly in the past three months, and I was able to produce more follicles with low dosage medication.

At work now, I am able to manage my environment with minimal stress and feel in better control of my life. I practice what Jennifer had taught me on a regular basis, I feel emotionally and physically I am better prepared now to face the challenges in this journey to become a mother.

Thank you, Jennifer, for all your help and support.


And, she stayed in touch:

My baby L. is almost 10 months old now — thanks to your help two years ago. I would like to share good news with you, we found out I am pregnant again. I am 15 weeks now and had my first trimester exam two weeks ago and the little one is doing well. Can't believe I will have another baby when I turn 44! After all the low ovarian reserve tests, my reproductive doctor could not believe I got pregnant naturally first time, and now the second time, in my 40's.

Thank you for all your help
Best wishes, Yu-Pin

Jennifer has quite simply changed my life. Never in my years of dealing with infertility have I felt more calm, well, healthy, and optimistic. I am living my life again. Jennifer is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide and resource for those struggling with infertility. Her customized sessions along with her guided meditation recordings have given me the tool I need to move forward in my life. I feel so fortunate that my path has led me to Jennifer."


Angi stayed in touch and over the next 18 months, she adopted a son from Korea and had a healthy biological son as well.

I just wanted to share with you the announcement of my first born son. I wanted to thank you for all the support and guidance you have given me. You are one of a small group of gifted individuals who helped make him possible. I am elated, full of gratitude and awe at how wonderful this is.

Thank you again and please continue to do what you do best!


And sometimes, success comes in ways you could never predict:

After her program, Lesley shared her thoughts with me:

I definitely believe that what you teach goes far beyond trying to get pregnant. It's about defining what you want for yourself and then having the courage and grace to go after it. It's about believing your dreams can happen, but letting go of the "hows" and the "timelines".

I want you to know that YOU made a tremendous impact on my life. Your teachings brought me to a place of joy and peace that I never thought possible. Thank you.


And her follow up:

So much has changed in the past year and a half, and much of that has to do with the work we did.

I decided about a year and a half ago to end my marriage. It wasn't an easy decision, but it was the best one. The months following were really really tough. At that time, I also resolved to make peace with the idea that motherhood was not in the cards for me. Again, it was difficult to do, but with your techniques, I got through it and felt immeasurably better.

Fast forward to the present... I am in love with a wonderful man. We have built a beautiful relationship with a rock solid foundation... trust, honesty, love, fun.

I am also now a 'stepmom' to his two boys, aged 4 and 6. The love that I have for them brings tears to my eyes. I have never been so happy and at peace.

For all your clients who are hoping for a baby, I hope that my story gives them hope. Motherhood can certainly come in many different forms and I feel very blessed to have this opportunity so late in my life (I'm 41).

Thank you for all the help you gave when I was at such a dark place in my life. You will always be in my thoughts and I want to send blessings to you and your family.


This program is about opening to your creative potential. Our focus will be on creating space for a baby. And, the “side effects” of the work, including opening to the joy and the magic of the Universe. I’ve witnessed so many kinds of miracles as my clients open up to themselves.

Open to Your Creative Potential with
Unlock Your Fertility

In this program, you and I will go through each step of the 5-step System. You will learn:

Step 1: Relax at a cellular level

Woman looking up against the skyThis is NOT about simply, “Oh honey, relax and you will get pregnant.” I promise you. And yet, the journey of fertility and the pain of being infertile does create stress.

You weren’t pessimistic to start. You didn’t think, “I want to be pregnant but I will have to wait three years.”

We will heal the layers of pain and frustration and worry. This will allow us to see the reasons why conception didn’t happen at first.

You will begin to feel more in control. You will feel as if you are coming alive again.

Step 2: Release

…identify and get rid of thoughts, behaviors, emotions, that are the stop signs impeding your ability to conceive.

These are patterns of thoughts and beliefs that are so ingrained, you don’t notice them. But, when brought to the surface, you can recognize them for what they are: outdated. You will get rid of them once and for all.

You will learn several different types of energy release techniques, which you can use on your own in between sessions.

Step 3: Reveal

What do you want? Yes, you want a baby, but why? As we ask the deeper question, more underlying thoughts and beliefs are revealed and released.

I will also identify your 3 Soul Languages. You will learn how to connect with these members of your Soul Team and how being in alignment with these team members will allow alignment in your body.

Step 4: Reconnect

…fill up with the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that will serve to open you to your fertility as well as bring you into the states of being that support fertility: trust, surrender, and knowing.

Parents hands holding baby's feetStep 5: Renew

…commit to put it all into daily practice and learn how to keep feeling this way.

Program Specifics

This program is appropriate for you whether you are taking a natural approach to your fertility or if you are using ART. It will be most effective if you are open to seeing your experience with fertility issues in part as a way to learn more about yourself and to come more into alignment with your full being.

  • Before we begin, you will complete an in depth questionnaire that will identify underlying patterns and blocks to fertility.
  • 12 individual phone/Skype sessions with me to guide you through the (5) steps to unlock your fertility. Those sessions are filled with a variety of focuses depending on your needs: emotional support, energy release techniques to heal underlying beliefs, guided imagery, chakra healing, and more.
  • These sessions are generally held weekly, but can be shifted based on your calendar and mine.
  • I meet with clients Monday – Thursday, between 9 - 4 Central time, via phone and Skype. I have occasional clients on Fridays and outside the listed hours (including evenings). Please inquire first before purchasing a program.
  • Individualized plan for between sessions.
  • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions.
  • Your pick of any Meditation CD or download to get you started on Step 1 right away.

Program Investment

Payment can be completed either monthly (automatic) or in full.

3 Payments of $520 (billed automatically 30 days apart) or In full: $1450.

I am honored by the trust placed in me by every one of the women with whom I work; it is truly a partnership. I would be honored to work with you as well. Are you ready to begin?

Let’s begin:

Choose how you would like to start:

Monthly Payments

Pay in Full

Jennifer is so present to what a woman with fertility issues experiences and to what may help unblock the channels toward improving these issues.

She listens in such a gentle open way that you feel you have been sent a kind, loving, understanding angel to help you through such a difficult time.

She has helped me change the attitude and outlook on my fertility and she showed me a way to help shift my sadness and depression to hope and light. I feel that I have re-empowered myself in a profound way after doing this work.

Jennifer is truly a specialist in every sense of the word.

I feel that I have found someone who really understands me and has made me finally believe I do not have to go through this alone.

I know I can always turn to Jennifer when I need help through this unpredictable challenging journey.


Fertile Blessings,

Jennifer Bloome


Jennifer Bloome