The Missing Critical Factor (Part 3)

The Missing Critical Factor (Part 3)

The Missing Critical Factor (Part 3)

Over the last several newsletters, I’ve been sharing information on the “missing critical factor” for conceiving.

In Part One, I shared the missing critical factor: You must focus outside the reproductive system in order to make changes TO your reproductive system.

It’s not just the eggs, sperm, and uterus that need attention.

In Part Two, I shared about how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are the key to creating the internal changes to your reproductive system and talked about the dreaded word, stress.

In this final part of The Missing Critical Factor, I want to dive deeper into biology.

Your thoughts and emotions create an emotional chemistry within your cells. This emotional chemistry is more powerful in changing the systems of your body than any drug you can take.

Why is emotional chemistry so powerful?

Your body’s emotional chemistry is the blueprint your cells look to in order to know how to act and behave. They look at this environment in order to know what actions to take.

Here is where biology and helping your fertility intersect:

  1. Your beliefs and thoughts determine your body’s emotional chemistry.
  2. Your body’s emotional chemistry determines how the cells should act and behave.
  3. Therefore, your beliefs and thoughts determine how your cells act and behave.

According to Bruce Lipton, PhD and author of The Biology of Belief, you are made up of 50 trillion cells – each with cellular memories, each one responding to its ENVIRONMENT.

In his book, he describes dozens of scientific studies explaining exactly how the emotional chemistry of a cell affects its behavior. I will summarize two of his main points:

  1. You were probably taught that DNA is the most significant aspect of your cells in terms of determining how they act. In actuality, the environment of the cell controls turning the DNA on or off. This is why some people can have a gene that indicates a certain disease and not end up having that disease in their lifetime.
  2. A cell’s environment determines whether that cell is in GROWTH mode or PROTECTION mode. When it’s in growth mode, the cell is able to function optimally, doing exactly what it’s supposed to. It’s able to fulfill its job and duties. When it’s in protection mode, it stops. It pulls back.

When you think about fertility, what does it fit best into, growth or protection? It fits into growth. Biologically, this makes sense when you think about it. Your body wouldn’t want to expend energy on conception that would have to be spent surviving an imminent threat.

If you have underlying beliefs or thoughts that create emotions that put you more into protection mode, you have an unconscious pattern that sends your cells into a position where they can’t support conceiving.

Your thoughts and beliefs matter to your fertility.

Given the rollercoaster that is infertility and pregnancy loss, this is a really difficult statement.

It’s not meant to create a sense of fault. It’s not meant to create a sense of heaviness. It’s not meant to create a sense that you’ll never be able to have your child. It’s not meant to suggest that you have to be a polly–anna in order to conceive

This is meant as a new layer of understanding so that you CAN rejuvenate your internal fertility environment so that you can get to your baby.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how to work together.

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