The Missing Critical Factor (Part 2)

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The Missing Critical Factor (Part 2)

When you change your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, you change your body. You change your fertility. You enrich yourself and your fertility.

For some of you, these statements will resonate. Others might be skeptical. You’ll ask, “How is this really possible?”

While it may feel like “new science” to think about your thoughts and emotions creating changes in your body, there are already many common examples that you have probably already experienced:

  • Think of a stress headache. You have stress and negative emotions, and all of a sudden you end up with a headache.
  • When you’re nervous, do you have knots or butterflies in your belly? That’s emotion creating a physical change in the body.​
  • When you think of the health challenges of a person with a “type A” personality, what do you think of? High blood pressure? Heart Attack? Ulcers?

Why wouldn’t there be other parts of the body that are affected by your emotions? Why couldn’t conception be affected by your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

One demonstration of how conception is affected by your thoughts and feelings is how your ovaries respond to stress.

Your ovaries are at the very end of the uterine artery system. The blood must flow through your abdomen, then your uterus, and then finally your ovaries. When you are under stress, blood flow is sent away from the mid section of the body out to your arms and legs so that you have adequate energy to get away from a potentially life-threatening situation.

So, what happens to your ovaries? Blood flow is reduced which, over time, can affect your egg quality. Short bursts of stress do not create long term problems. But if your thoughts and underlying beliefs create a continual sense of stress and tension, there will be an impact on your body.

The effects of your thoughts and beliefs go deeper than simply the effects of stress. And I’ll share more about that in Part 3.

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