The How of Being Fertile

Most of us have been taught to push and strive and DO in order to get what we want. And there is certainly a lot of DO-ING to do when you are trying to have a baby:

Doctor’s Visits
Charting Your Cycle
Medical Tests
Simply Learning the Language of “Infertility”
Reading Research
And Many, Many More

And yet, when you approach your fertility like any other project: push and strive, and research and wrestle it to the ground, your body responds in a way that is opposite to what it needs to be fertile.

This type of DO-ING approach starts with the premise that something is WRONG with you and unless you push and strive and MAKE a pregnancy happen, it isn’t going to happen.

What Happens to Your Fertility When You Take a Do-ing Approach

Your body responds to a Do-ing approach by activating the fight or flight response, which creates both cellular stress and stress you can feel. Both of these negatively impact your fertility.

In addition, when you use this heavy duty “Do-ing” approach, you end up only making use of a small portion of your Being: we are a mind, body, and spirit Being, and with the DO-ING approach, you only utilize your MIND. You cut off access to your inherent wisdom, your connection with your Spirit. In other words, everything is harder to accomplish.

Conceiving is truly a miraculous event. Two individual cells from two different people merge and create a human. Yes, we have science, and yet, there is an element of something bigger. When you focus on having to MAKE a pregnancy happen, you exclude all the resources you have within you.

What is the Alternative to a Do-ing Approach?

A Be-ing approach to your fertility, on the other hand, allows ALL aspects of you to contribute towards your fertility.

A Be-ing approach to your fertility sounds something like this:

“Even though it is hard to remember at the low times, I know I am a fertile Being. I choose to stay connected to this deep knowing. I open to my Divine connection and to the knowing I will align with the resources, which will help my body achieve balance. I choose to align first, then act.“

When you use a Be-ing approach:

  • It allows your physical body to direct its resources towards building best conditions for fertility instead of responding to fight/flight.
  • You have access to your deepest wisdom and intuition; you co-create with the Divine/Universe.
  • It creates the emotional chemistry within your cells that supports fertility.
  • It creates peace and joy right now.
  • It opens the energy center responsible for supporting fertility.
  • It opens you to receive your child.
  • It connects you with the doing steps that will help your fertility.

How do you do this when you’ve already spent so much time and so many resources? How do you do this when you’ve been so successful in the past with DO-ING to meet your other goals?


The How of Be-ing Fertile

This downloadable, self-paced course teaches you the seven core principles of Be-ing fertile and guides you to begin to embody each of them, so you can shift out of a Do-ing approach and into a Be-ing approach.

As you embody each principle, you begin to shift your approach to your fertility journey. The journey becomes more about being in alignment with what you want (a baby) and opening your entire being to receive it.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  •  Connect with your personal Divinity, your personal wisdom, so you are accessing all levels of assistance for conceiving.
  • Release the fear, anxiety, worry, and doubt that can plague you during your fertility journey.
  • Shift from feeling exhausted, worn out and tired, to feeling alive, juicy, and full of potential — with or without a baby.
  • Stop the time travel (to the past and future) and be in the present moment, so past experiences and future concerns don’t rule your day-to-day emotions, which will help your body stay out of the fight-or-flight response (which negatively impacts your fertility).
  • Reconnect with the ability to expect and envision a baby while staying off of the rollercoaster of “when will it happen” or the monthly ups and downs.
  • Build your trust “muscle.”
  • Build your receiving ability, so you can be in receiving mode as opposed to Do-ing mode.
  • Know how to step into Be-ing first, so your Do-ing comes out of inspiration rather than fear of not having a baby if you don’t do everything possible.

What You Receive as Part of the Course

This course contains seven modules; each module includes:

  • 45-minute audio presentation on one of the core principles.
  • An energetic healing and clearing exercise to help you begin to embody the principle.
  • A meditation designed to root the principle within your mind~body~spirit.

You will receive one module a week, so you have time to integrate the information before beginning the next core principle. All information is available for download.

As part of the course, you will also receive a 30 minute, one on one session with Jennifer to ask questions and/or to shift underlying patterns that are keeping you stuck and out of a Be-ing state.

Ready to Get Started?

Investment: $111

Two payments: $57 (Second payment automatically charged 30 days after first payment.)

Each week, as you begin to embody the core principles of Be-ing Fertile, you will start to feel more at ease, happier, and more in alignment with the baby you desire. Each of these states of Be-ing allows your body to restore its innate fertility.

If you have any questions, please .

Fertile Blessings,

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome
The Fertility Expert

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