Creating Ferfitlity

Are you curious about how you can work with Universal Energy (Law of Attraction and more) to attract your baby?

We are all part of the fabric of the Universe and everything we create, including babies, is done in partnership with universal energy (whether we knowingly work with it or not). To understand more about what this means, you can listen here.

To begin intentionally working with Universal Energy to attract your baby, I invite you to join the brand new community from Anji, Inc.

Creating Fertility

As a member of this (no-charge) community, you will receive:

  1. Regular communication from me with tools and tips to engage the Universe and align your energy to receive your baby.
  2. Audio Presentation: How to Use Visualization to Attract Your Baby (and What to Do If It Hasn’t Worked For You Yet).

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    I look forward to sharing these resources and connecting more deeply with you.


    Jennifer Bloome

    Jennifer Bloome
    The Fertility Expert

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