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Thank you so much for your response. Don't worry arrived!. I LOVE it! What a wonderful idea!!!! I am going to tell my friend who is going through the same thing to get one too. I have been trying to do Yoga and meditation for a long time now (three years infertility, and one year trying to work on the MIND and SOUL part). When I do it, I do feel better, but sometimes when I am so . . . tired, scared, down, broken hearted, it is really hard to get myself motivated and focused. This really helps because I don't even have to think. All I have to do is reach for my remote, and instantly I am more relaxed and hopeful. You do all the imagery for me.

It is quite simply brilliant! I cannot thank you enough.

By the way, the hand written note on my bill was a very nice touch too. This process is so lonely, scientific and impersonal, that your little note of support and good cheer really warmed me up.

I have this sense that all the women unknown to me who have passed through this or are passing through this, are somehow linked to me. I do not know you at all. I live in another country. I found your website after having read too many chat line conversations and internet support from women all over the world going through this.

My frustrating search for feeling connected, ended in your CD. Thank you. I thank you for all of us out there who are part of this rather scary phenomenon of being disconnected from the essence of our humanity: reproduction.

Thank you so much for your CD, your responses to my panicky e-mail, and your genuine efforts to help myself and others suffering from infertility.

- Lorrayne N.

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Jennifer Bloome MSOT HWC

Jennifer’s passion is helping women achieve wellness throughout all of life’s cycles. She began Anji, Inc. as an outgrowth from her own experiences with fertility and pregnancy.

Jennifer is someone who has always been fascinated by the interconnection between the mind and body. From an undergraduate degree in Psychobiology to a Master’s in Occupational Therapy, she studied the scientific connections between the mind and body.

She brought this knowledge into practice in her career from Occupational Therapy to Medical Research.

She became interested in helping women apply the scientific knowledge to practical life. To do this, she became a Health and Wellness Counselor, studied at the Harvard Mind Body Medical Institute, and became certified in several energy modalities, including Emotional Freedom Technique. Additionally, she has trained with Niravi Payne (Whole Person Fertility Program).

Using this wealth of knowledge, Jennifer helps women learn to use the power of the Mind~Body~Spirit to create health and balance throughout their lives.

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