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Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your assistance ordering the First Trimester CD this morning! Your IVF CD was fantastic and really helped me relax during a very stressful time – I had borrowed it from my acupuncturist. I am looking forward to the next CD!

The general feeling of relaxation that each track gave me was wonderful. Each evening after my injections, I would relax for 20 minutes with the CD, letting my mind let go of the stress from the shots and focus on calm. I even brought the CD with me for my egg retrieval – I listened to it just before going under anesthesia – it helped me chill and relieve my apprehension. After the transfer, it helped me relax through the two week wait – that was the most stressful part of a previous cycle!

- Thanks again,
Alisa Z.

Anji Women's Wellness Meditation Downloads

All Anji CDs are available as downloads. Save money (no shipping charges!) and time (get instant access). All tracks are in MP3 format.

Regular relaxation practice eases stress, balances hormones, aids sleep, improves immune function, along with many other benefits.


Download Packages Recommendations

Journey of the Heart Downloads

Imagery and Meditations to Support General Health: 5 relaxation techniques to promote well-being
Use this collection of general relaxation exercises to help to bring your physical and emotional health under control.
Price: $29.95

From Surviving to Thriving: Making Your Day
Meditations for Morning and Night to bring control and peace into each and every day.
Price: $29.95

From Surviving to Thriving: Release and Reclaim
Taking Charge of Your Emotions
Price: $29.95

From Surviving to Thriving: Turning Your Day Around
Creating a Change within you! Sometimes all you need is a nudge to get your day going back in the direction you would like it to. Use these meditations at anytime during the day when you need a quick change.
Price: $29.95


We’ve created discounted packages to help give you the tools that you need at the best price possible.

The Passage from Surviving to Thriving – 3 CD set
Finding your way...
Price: $80.87

Well-being Package
Get all 3 Passage Series Downloads AND the Imagery and Meditations to support General Health
Price: $101.83


If you are looking specifically for a download that will help ease insomnia, I recommend the General Health download.  You can either listen to the download to calm an anxious mind in the middle of the night, or simply use the techniques that you learn when you are having difficulty sleeping.

To make the most significant changes to your body, you should elicit the relaxation response (which you’ll do with any of the above downloads) 20 minutes a day.

Schedule a regular time in your day as you get in the habit of this and soon you’ll notice your body craving even more!

I know it’s hard to make time – this is one activity that will pay you back a thousand fold when you do your part.  I encourage you to have a variety of tracks to listen to so that you always have a selection to choose from.