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Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your assistance ordering the First Trimester CD this morning! Your IVF CD was fantastic and really helped me relax during a very stressful time – I had borrowed it from my acupuncturist. I am looking forward to the next CD!

The general feeling of relaxation that each track gave me was wonderful. Each evening after my injections, I would relax for 20 minutes with the CD, letting my mind let go of the stress from the shots and focus on calm. I even brought the CD with me for my egg retrieval – I listened to it just before going under anesthesia – it helped me chill and relieve my apprehension. After the transfer, it helped me relax through the two week wait – that was the most stressful part of a previous cycle!

- Thanks again,
Alisa Z.

Relief NOW! Audios / EFT

The second step of my 5 step Fertility System is: RELEASE.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle, yet incredibly powerful, way to release old thoughts, emotions and beliefs from your Mind~Body~Spirit System.

You have many ways of using this highly effective tool:

Relief NOW! Audios EFT for Stress Relief 1:1 Services

Relief NOW! Audios

Relief NOW audios nourish your body, mind, and spirit opening your whole system up to abundant, lush, and rich fertility.

Relief NOW is a series of short healing audios designed to release the thoughts and emotions which lead to depletion and build up the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs which nourish your body, mind and spirit.

The content of the Relief NOW series was created from my years of experience working with women struggling with infertility and blended with an energy-based emotional release technique.

Here's how they work:

During each audio I personally lead you through first releasing the negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs you have about the specific topic of the audio. Next, we'll build in the new thoughts and emotions and beliefs which will nourish your mind, body and spirit.

We will use the energy release technique: Emotional Freedom Technique, a very simple acupressure technique to release the negative feelings you have and replace them with more positive messages.

All you have to do is listen, repeat after me, and tap on acupressure points. I have made it as simple for you as possible.

But, don't be fooled by the simplicity. This is an incredibly powerful tool that will literally change you at the cellular level.

This release technique works at the level of your subconscious, changing your "programming" at the deepest level possible. Once your programming is changed, your internal emotional chemistry will automatically be changed which allows the cells of your body to react differently.

Bottom line? You'll feel better AND your fertility will be enhanced.

**Each audio is available at the introductory rate of $9**

Each audio is available individually. To order, simply click the "Add to Cart" button next to the audio. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple audios at one time.


1 Audio: $9
3 Audios: $21 (Use coupon code 3Audios at checkout)
5 Audios: $35 (Use coupon code 5Audios at checkout)
10 Audios: $60 (Use coupon code 10Audios at checkout)
**All audios are in download format**

Choose the audios you want from the list below by simply clicking the Add to Cart button next to the description of the audio. Enter the coupon code (from the list above) when you check out.

Creating Rich Fertility
Positive fertility affirmations all designed to build a fertile mind, body and spirit (17:29)
Price: $9.00

Balancing Hope and Hopelessness
Being hopeful is important, but it can also be painful.  Discover how to easily find this emotional place between hope and hopelessness (15:45)
Price: $9.00

Fear of Time Running Out (getting too old)
Address the fears of getting too old, the constant pressure of having to have THIS cycle work out. Build in belief in your body, knowing you are doing everything possible, learn how to come fully into this moment where all your healing power resides (18:23)
Price: $9.00

Jealousy and Envy
Are you frustrated with your growing feelings of jealousy and envy of your friends or other's with babies in general? Release these emotions with this audio (15:57)
Price: $9.00

Releasing Anger
Many of us are taught to suppress our anger; that “nice” girls don’t get angry. And yet, infertility brings up many situations that can create anger: anger at your body, anger at the doctors, even anger at yourself. Use this audio to acknowledge and release the anger you are feeling (16:45)
Price: $9.00

Releasing Anxiety
Is anxiety building up in your body? Are you finding it hard not to feel anxious? Release the physical and emotion symptoms of anxiety in this Relief Now! Audio. (15:40)
Price: $9.00

Releasing Disappointment
Infertility is filled with disappointments. Disappointing cycles, disappointing results, feeling disappointed in yourself. Clear this heavy feeling with this Relief Now! Audio. (15:30)
Price: $9.00

Releasing Guilt
Even though you know intellectually that infertility isn’t your fault, feelings of guilt can certainly creep up. Guilt is one of the most powerful emotions that affects your reproductive system. Release the feelings of guilt that you carry with this Relief Now! Audio. (14:15)
Price: $9.00

Feeling overwhelmed with sadness about not having your family yet? Feeling like you can do nothing to move through this emotion? This audio will help to release your emotions of sadness (18:58)
Price: $9.00

Stress and Worry
Are stress and worry your constant companions during each cycle? Feeling like you KNOW you need to let them go, but can't? This audio helps you to release them in this moment and helps to keep those emotions away. (18:17)
Price: $9.00

EFT for Stress Relief

This program teaches you the basics of EFT and some of the advanced techniques. The best part of the program is that you get to interact directly with me – asking me how to apply EFT to your specific situation.

Learn more here

One on One Services

I use EFT with all my clients because it’s a tool that once you learn, you can use on your own. The benefit to working with an EFT practitioner is that the true magic of EFT is discovering the thoughts, beliefs, and memories that are holding your physical and emotional symptoms. I can often see the patterns of thoughts and beliefs that you can not because you have spent a life time living them.

As I help you heal old patterns of thought, I help you find new ways of thinking and feeling to bring your Mind/Body/Spirit system into balance – allowing physical and emotional wellness to flourish.

Learn more here