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"I have nothing to say but wonderful things about everything that you have done or provided. The CDs have been exceptional during pregnancy and especially with bedrest. I found it difficult to sleep several times during this pregnancy and your CDs were the only thing that actually helped me relax enough to fall asleep. My sister who had a CD for multiples and in now on hospital bedrest also raves about the wonderful imagery that you provide in them. Several nurses have asked about the CDs and are quite impressed with them."

Thank you so much from all my family and especially this little one inside me! Please continue to do such wonderful work!

- Cami P.,
Apple Valley MN

Pregnancy after Infertility

You've waited for this pregnancy for a long time. But how do you switch from being "infertile" to being a joyful pregnant woman? The stress and anxiety and worry are still present.

  • Do you find yourself waiting for the "other shoe to drop"?
  • Do you find yourself waiting to pass each milestone, but as soon as one is reached there's more to worry about?
  • Do you want to find a way to enjoy pregnancy, but find that you need to protect yourself from getting hurt if something goes wrong?

All of these are incredibly valid emotions. And yet, just as your emotional health was important to your fertility, it is also very important to your pregnancy.

Here are the benefits to you and your baby when you release the stress and the worry:

  • Stress, worry, and anxiety can contribute to the negative symptoms of pregnancy like: insomnia, back pain, nausea, and fatigue. Releasing the stress and the worry will help ease these symptoms

  • Your baby shares your emotional experiences. When periods of stress and worry are followed by periods of relaxation and peace, your baby learns that when stress occurs, peace follows. This is the beginning of being "stress hardy"
  • Your emotional chemistry is responsible in part for creating the architecture of your baby’s brain that determines temperament. By reducing your own stress and worry during pregnancy, you are giving your baby a lifetime gift
  • Finally, stress and worry rob you of experiencing pregnancy. Give yourself the gift of finding ways to enjoy this experience.

Do I have to be stress and worry free ALL the time to receive these benefits for me and my baby?

In a word: No.

Ideally, you find a way to introduce periods of time during the day when you DO feel relaxed and peaceful. And, when you don’t feel relaxed and peaceful – release the guilt.

It's human nature to have some stress and tension; the problem comes when you constantly feel stress or tension in the background all the time.

Introduce simple skills to reduce stress and tension for your health and your baby’s

When you add simple relaxation techniques to your day, you automatically provide periods of peace to your baby.

How do I start?

Do it yourself:

Choose a pregnancy relaxation CD – click here

Need some help releasing your stress and worry?: Get my personal help - click here