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Dear Jennifer,
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have been ttc for almost one year now and have suffered one loss in Oct. I became completely stressed out, depressed, and obsessed w/getting pregnant. Last month I decided to take everyone's advice and "just RELAX". However, I wasn’t sure *how* to "just RELAX", so I started doing yoga 3X/wk, acupuncture, and doing your guided imagery/relaxation CD's every day. Your CD's truly helped me relax so deeply, and I believe the imagery is so powerful! Well, good news, I'm now using your first trimester imagery cd daily, and love it just as much. Yes, I'm pregnant! Thank you so much for what you do. I have referred probably hundreds of women to you both in my personal life, and in on-line communities. Keep up the good work Anji! You're the greatest!

- Love,
Lisa Andrews

Miscarriage and Loss

Whether your loss occurred at 6 weeks, 3 months, or at birth, the sorrow and devastation are unlike anything else.

Not only have you lost your child, but also a lifetime of hopes and dreams for them. And your trust in the safety and assumption that pregnancy means a healthy baby in your arms is shattered.

When you get to the point of thinking about trying again, all of these emotions can create conflict through out your Mind~Body~Spirit.

How can I ever completely grieve and heal?
If I heal, am I neglecting this baby?
How can I think about facing "trying" again?
How can I NOT think about facing "trying" again?
How can I ever have trust in my body again?
How can I ever go through another pregnancy without being in fear for 9 months?

These conflicts can keep you from even wanting to open the door to trying again, and can make the period of conceiving and a resulting pregnancy a very stressful and fearful time.

It doesn’t have to be; I can help.

Using gentle energetic release techniques as well as other Mind~Body~Spirit tools, together we will move toward healing and hope. We will honor the babies that have come before and create hope for the ones to come. We will release the fear and the distrust of your body. I would be honored to be part of your journey.

You have the choice of two different types of tools.

First, “A Soft Place to Land” is a guided meditation CD download designed to create a safe place to heal from the deep grief and other intense emotions that accompany pregnancy loss. For more information, click here.

Second, if you would prefer more individual support, I offer one on one mind~body~spirit sessions. To learn more click here.