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"Jennifer has quite simply changed my life.  Never in my years of dealing with infertility have I felt more calm, well, healthy, and optimistic.  I am living my life again.  Jennifer is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide and resource for those struggling with infertility.  Her customized sessions along with her guided meditation recordings have given me the tool I need to move forward in my life.  I feel so fortunate that my path has led me to Jennifer."

18 month follow up – I am now a Mother to a son from Korea and a healthy biological son as well!

- Angi F., St. Paul MN


Anji Mind~Body~Spirit Fertility System

How DO you create rich, lush, abundant fertility even if you already have an infertility diagnosis and have been trying to have a healthy baby for a long time? Here's how:

Access the considerable power of your Mind~Body~Spirit

Here's something you probably don't know:

Your emotions and your thoughts make
scientifically measurable changes to your body

What this means for your fertility:

Your fertility TODAY is influenced by the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that you experienced YESTERDAY.

When you tap into your Mind~Body~Spirit, you are able to change your emotions and thoughts and beliefs to ones that support rich, lush, abundant fertility. The emotions, thoughts and beliefs that you have TODAY influence your fertility of TOMORROW.

Ready for lush and abundant fertility? Change your thoughts and emotions TODAY.

Follow these 5 steps to tap into your Mind~Body~Spirit to improve your fertility:

  1. Relax – Engage the relaxation response to release stress at a cellular level
  2. Release – Let go of the thoughts, memories, and emotions that hold your current fertility in place
  3. Reveal - What do you REALLY want? Yes, you want a baby, but how does it make you feel? How will you feel when you finally have what you want?
  4. Reconnect – OPEN to the thoughts and emotions that create and support lush fertility. OPEN to the new thoughts and emotions that support what you really want. Make them real today.
  5. Renew – develop an easy system to keep these new thoughts and emotions even with the ups and downs of life

These five steps are the same steps I have used with my clients over the last 8 years to help them create lush fertility and the families they wanted.

How Quickly Does it Work?
Good question. Each of these steps will bring your relief from sadness, stress, and other difficult emotions very quickly – often within days and even hours. The more you practice each step, the longer lasting the relief.

But, How Quickly will I get Pregnant?
There are three answers to this question.

First: It does take some time for the changes you make in your MIND and your SPIRIT to reflect in your BODY. But, with regular use of the steps, you'll find that you start seeing changes in your cycle length and hormone levels like FSH.

Second: I can't make you a guarantee. Anyone who tells you they have THE instant solution is simply pulling at your heart strings. I do promise that this system is based on the best information available and my years of experience.

Third: You have 60,000 or so thoughts each day and countless memories that get triggered by daily living. You DON'T have to change them all. But, the more you immerse yourself in new thinking, the faster your body and your fertility will change.

Do I have to be doing "natural" cycles or can I do medicated cycles or even IVF or Donor Cycles with this system?

This method puts your reproductive system into the best possible balance and is a great complement to any procedure you are doing.

If you are doing acupuncture or other holistic treatments, this work helps the treatments to hold because your internal thoughts and beliefs aren't "warring" with the work of the supplements or treatment.

How do I start?

Do it yourself:

For Step 1: choose a relaxation CD (click here)

For Steps 2, 3, and 4: choose a Relief NOW! Audios (click here)

Ready to jump in, learn quickly and get help?: Get my personal help with my Unlock Your Fertility! Coaching Program. (click here)