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I am a former psychotherapist who has worked with clients around infertility. I know how intimately and profoundly issues of body, mind, history, spiritually and sexuality can impact a woman's ability to conceive. While there may sometimes be medical explanations for why pregnancy is not happening, it is impossible to separate those physical manifestations from the rest of who you are. I love the holistic approach Jennifer's programs offer for women to want to conceive AND move through a "finally" pregnancy with peace and joy instead of fear. Jennifer's work touches women at the deepest levels of being. She is a born healer. I enthusiastically recommend Jennifer Bloome to any woman who wants to take a positive, healing and pro-active approach to the fertility process.

- Kimberly Schneider
LPC, Abundance & Manifestation Coach,
St. Louis, MO

How it works

When conceiving, you should give as much attention
to your emotions and thoughts
as your hormone levels and ovulation timing

Your body has very specific and scientifically measurable responses to your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Here are 5 you should know about right now:

  • When you are under stress, the bloodflow throughout your body changes. Your body diverts blood AWAY from non-essential organs such as your ovaries and uterus. Good blood flow is a requirement for developing healthy eggs
  • When you are under stress, extra sugar and cortisol (stress hormone) are dumped into your abdomen. As they circulate around your reproductive organs, they wreck havoc with the delicate hormonal balance needed for conceiving
  • Your ovaries sit in a web of nerves responsible for "revving up" your body – when you're under stress, your ovaries are under stress

  • Your thoughts and beliefs create an emotional chemistry within your body even more powerful than drugs in changing the structures of your body
  • Your body's emotional chemistry determines how the cells should act and behave – even controlling what aspects of DNA get turned on and off

Bottom Line?

Your emotional health is a key factor
in the functioning of your reproductive system

And, you can't have optimal emotional health if your Mind~Body~Spirit system is out of balance.

You know you're out of balance when...

Mind: You feel constant worry and anxiety or sadness and despair. Feelings of shame, embarrassment or guilt gnaw at you. The emotions may be related to your current fertility challenges or other aspects of your life. A constant feeling of PRESSURE... there isn't enough time.

Remember, fertility is more than eggs, sperm, and a uterus. Your reproductive organs are part of the larger system of your body which in turn is part of your Mind~Body~Spirit system. Everything is interconnected.

Body: 'abnormal' cycles, endometriosis, PCOS, cysts, painful periods, spotting, hormonal imbalances including high FSH, painful intercourse, any other ongoing physical illness. Difficulty sleeping

Spirit: feeling like a failure, setting impossibly high standards for yourself, feeling like external factors must change in order to be happy, worrying that you weren't "destined" or "deserving" to be a Mother, constantly caught up in a cycle of needing to "do" more in order to achieve your goals

How do you put yourself back in balance when you’re dealing with all the stressors of trying to conceive?

Follow the 5 steps of the Anji Mind~Body~Spirit Fertility System

How Do I Get Started?

Do it yourself:

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