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Dear Jennifer
At 41 years old and no children yet, we found ourselves facing in vitro fertilization. While we were and remain very grateful for the opportunity to still have a child, there was fear and stress around the toll and commitment, financially, physically and emotionally. The medical facility we found was amazing and one of their suggestions for relaxation was Anji Inc. I got the IVF 2 cd package with the General Health cd and used it almost daily off and on over our 13 months trying to get pregnant. Which I'm please to share was finally successful. The cds were so much help! I listened to it after our shots often first thing in the morning if I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep or at night to help me sleep. When I was stressed my husband even suggested I listen to my meditation cd with how peaceful I would be after. The music voice tone and content are beautiful and the track lengths perfect. It truly added some enjoyment to the process, my treat!

- Karla


Permanent Stress Relief in 30 days


Imagine what it would mean to your day to day life if you had long term, lasting relief from stress.   

I’m not talking about just a night away from the stress, or a couple hour diversion, but true, permanent stress relief

How would your life change? 

Who could you be – what could you accomplish – how would you feel if you weren't dealing with:

Insomnia - Backaches - Fuzzy Thinking - Anxiety - Panic Attacks - Sadness - Hopelessness - Forgetfulness - Headaches - Night Sweats - Indigestion - or any of other physical or emotional ways that your body tells you it is feeling stressed.

Is this just about relaxing?

To be completely truthful, permanent stress relief isn’t just about learning how to get rid of stressful feelings (which would be great all by itself) because I know you already have a number of things that you do when stress builds in your life. 

But, you want to keep reading if:  

  • The stress keeps coming back
  • You’ve gotten to a point where your usual stress-relieving activities don’t work anymore or you don’t even have time to do them
  • You want to be back in the driver’s seat when it comes to how you feel
  • You are ready to be happy; consistently happy

 How many times have you been able to relieve your feelings of stress, but as soon as you walked back into your ‘real world’ you found that what was causing the stress was still there and so the burden was right back on your shoulders?

I have been there myself. 


It was the holiday season of 2002.  I was 2 years into running my new business, which I absolutely loved, but had many challenges.  Being a perfectionist, I wanted everything to be fantastic for my clients, but I was struggling with learning how to balance being a business owner with being a practitioner. 

To complicate this situation, a week before Christmas the year before, my husband came home at 2:00 in the afternoon – very early for him.  Looking up excitedly from my work when he walked into my office, the expression on his face had my stomach somewhere in the area of my knees. 

His company, whom he had been with for 10 + years, had just laid him off.  The business losses associated with 9/11 had been too much for the company and they needed to make cuts.  Merry Christmas!

He was still unemployed a year later. 

Facing the holidays in 2002 was an extreme challenge.  To say my stress was at an all time high would be an understatement.  Even with all I knew about relaxation, the stress kept climbing as I worried about the future. 

We’d liquidated everything but our house.  I kept getting sick, including a 2 week stint of pneumonia (the doctor at the Urgent Care center could barely contain his excitement upon viewing the x-rays of my chest. “We never get to see such a classic case in such a young person!”  Glad I was helping someone with my troubles!). 

Our family and friends were amazing during this time.  Our neighbors even had our children overnight and got us a hotel room downtown for a special night out they knew we couldn’t do otherwise.  It was great.  But when we walked back into the house, the pressure on my shoulders and in my chest was back in full force – almost worse than before. 

It was then I knew that I needed to try something different – because the situation was out of my control.  Douglas had very few prospects and the situation wasn’t going to be changing in the near future. 

I had learned a technique for reducing negative emotions called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) several months earlier and had had some good success with releasing some feelings of stress.  But, for some unknown reason, I didn’t follow through on the successes and put it away.

I decided to pull out everything I had and began using EFT on myself and my stress, my fears, my worries.  I can not begin to tell you the difference that it made for me. 

Suddenly, I was able to make it through the day without worrying so much about what tomorrow held. I stopped getting sick.  I was able to be a better Mother.  I was able to begin to feel hope again for the first time in a very long time. 

EFT was my lifeline during that time.  And, it is a tool I still use on a daily basis.  I’ve used it on feelings and memories related to everything from finances to health to business. I incorporated it into the session work I do with clients and my clients began making some amazing changes in their own lives. 

I want you to experience the power of EFT in your life too.

You probably are ready to know: What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by Gary Craig.  It is a technique that uses light pressure on a specific set of acupressure point. 

Once you learn the points and the technique, you can use it on any negative emotion, feeling, or memory.  EFT disrupts blockages in your energy system which allows your body to come back into balance. 

I know how this sounds – can something this simple really be this powerful?

The answer: Yes!   When you know how to use the technique, it has powerful results. 

Does this mean that nothing will ever stress you out again? 

Of course not. 

Life has a funny way of always bringing us challenges. 

So how can I say you will have permanent, lasting stress relief?

This product teaches you quickly and easily, how to handle each new stressor that comes your way.  This isn’t about escaping your stress.  This isn’t about hiding from it. This is about learning how to dissolve your negative emotions, right now, in the very moment when you need it. 

  • This is about being happy.
  • This is about being in control.
  • This is about being free from the burden of painful memories, difficult people, and difficult life situations.
  • This is about having a proven formula to handle each and every stressor that comes up in your life


Am I trying to sell you a magic pill?


 EFT works when you use it – but it isn’t magic (even though there are times it will feel like that to you).

How do I learn how to use EFT for relieving my own stress? 

EFT for Stress Relief:

30 days to lasting freedom from stress

I have put all that I have learned about using EFT for Stress Relief – both personally and professionally – into one easy to understand resource.

As you read more about 30 days to lasting Stress Relief, you will discover that in addition to reducing stress in the moment (whether its 2 AM or 2 PM), when you use this product you will learn how to eliminate thought patterns and painful memories that keep you from being happy. 

I have broken the information up into 5 easy to understand sessions.

This way, you get to try out the information each week and build on your successes. 

Here’s what you get when you sign up for EFT for Stress Relief: 30 days to lasting freedom from stress

  • When you sign up, you get your first session today via email. You can start feeling better right now.
  • Then over the next 28 days, you will get 4 more sessions via email (7, 14, 21, and 28 days after you sign up).  Each session walks you through in simple detail how to use techniques and gives many, many examples
  • You will learn in detail how to apply the techniques to your own life situation


Here are the basics of each session

Session 1: Learn the basics of EFT and how to incorporate them into your busy daily schedule.  Get comfortable with the tapping points.  Learn how to release the stress you are feeling RIGHT NOW. 

Session 2: You will learn to uncover the reasons why your stressors cause you stress, how to uncover hidden emotions and aspects, how to neutralize bad memories.

Session 3: You will learn how to use EFT to create more of the feelings and emotions that you DO want your life to be full of.

Session 4: You will learn 3 advanced EFT techniques 

Session 5: This session wraps everything up and helps you create your own EFT program  Here are a couple of highlights from the sessions: 

  • #1 Roadblock to relieving stress – why most attempts at changing your stress levels fail(Session 2)
  • What is your worst memory?  Imagine what you would feel like if you could release the pain and hurt from that event? (Session 4)
  • The Hardest question to answer, but answering it will turn around your approach to life (Session #3)


At the end of 30 days, you will have an entire toolbox full of techniques and strategies to use to both neutralize stress when it happens AND to release hidden thoughts and beliefs that create stress in the first place.

Here are what a couple of clients have said:

Jennifer: Emotions around the 15th anniversary trip are still at zero.  I kinda can’t believe it but it’s true.  Plus I’ve noticed that negative emotions that were tied to quite a few horrific memories from that whole last year that we lived together have lessened significantly.  Pretty amazing.  What is even more amazing is just feeling free – I didn’t realize that I was bogged down by all of that pain until I was finally released from it.  And I don’t miss it at all, so thanks! 



Jennifer thank you very much for all your work with me in this hard period of my life. I appreciate everything that we did together, it helped me very much. I love your work and you are a very special person because you do what you do to help people like me. I will do some of the (EFT)statements that you already sent to me. Once more, thank you



What makes this different than the EFT I teach you on this site and in the monthly newsletters?

Throughout the entire 30 day e-course you get to work directly with me!

When you use the free EFT resources that are available on the internet, you have to figure out yourself how to apply it to your own issues.  Throughout the entire time you are receiving this course, I am making myself available to you, for as many questions as you have.  Simply email me your question and I will get back to you with more explanation, suggestions for specific EFT statements, encouragement, and celebration as you successfully remove your negative thoughts and emotions.

Dear Jennifer,

First of all a BIG THANK YOU.

I did my homework following your suggestions and I feel a lot better.  The 'so what' showed me my fear of not making enough money for a living and I tapped around this statement and it went away.  I feel at peace with myself regarding dad's health as well.  I was so frozen with fear I couldn't even think about any statement but after reading your e-mail I was able to organize my thoughts.  I feel O.K. where I am at this moment and grateful that I learned so much from you.

Thanks again and have a great weekend. Natalie


I was able to understand more about EFT and how I can use it proactively as well.  I liked most how very helpful Jennifer was in answering my questions and guiding me through my journey.  I found peace again and I understood why postive emotions are important.  I was able to start breaking the pattern of stressful thoughts.  Thank you so very much.  I am HAPPY I took this course.

From end of course survey



Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to say thanks and tell you that I just found out I am pregnant naturally after 4 years and a negative IVF in Septmeber 2006.  I purchasedd your CD for visualization and I also subscribed to your EFT program.  The first time I did the 1st session I had this major release of so much anxiety and so much sadness I had been holding in.  I think this really helped me open up and stop being so fearful and afraid of failing.  Thanks for having this site and trying to help women.  You are a true inspiration.

All the best,



I believe so strongly that you experience the relief that EFT brings, I don’t want there to be any roadblocks. So, even though I have worked really hard to put lots and lots of help into the course itself, I want you to get help directly from me


I really want this to work for you.

Are you ready?

Yes, Jennifer, I am ready to start my 30 day e-course and begin feeling more in control right now!  I understand that for $127 I get:

5 full sessions of information – one today via email, and one each week for the next 4 weeks by email.  By the end of 30 days, I will have well over 100 of pages with detailed information about how I can create lasting freedom from stress

I also understand that I will have the opportunity to work directly with you, through email, each session.   

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, you may ask for a complete and total refund of your purchase price.  No questions asked.

Click Here to Purchase Now



PS - I can’t wait to hear your success story!  Looking forward to connecting with you each session.