How do you support your body into fertility?

How do you support your body into fertility?

How do you support your body into fertility?

Before you even had to deal with infertility, how did you get your body to change?

~ Was it through doing a lot of action or being and listening to what your body wanted?

~ Was it through love or deprivation?

~ Was it with kindness and compassion or threatening and cajoling?

~ Was it from a place of fear of what would happen if your body didn’t change, or trust that you know the steps to create what you want with your body?

When you approach your body through fear or pressure or constant action you engage your body’s defenses and stress mechanisms (which impacts your body’s health) and it stops you from hearing the signals that your body is always giving you.

When you approach your body with love, kindness, and connection, you create the internal environment which supports health and helps you to build a relationship of trust both of which positively impact your fertility.

Work WITH your body, instead of against it. Don’t make it the enemy. Don’t make it something that you are scared of. Don’t make it the powerful one.

** Be in relationship with it **

Speak with it as you would a lover

Co-create with it.

Recognize that your body is doing everything it can for you; the softer you are with it, the more you will hear what it needs to come back into balance so that it can conceive.

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Jennifer Bloome

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