Attention: spiritually-oriented women who are
struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss

Stressed about
how STRESS is affecting your fertility?

Struggling to keep
the difficult emotions away?

Introducing: Relief NOW!
An easy to use program that will erase the stress AND help you naturally develop lush, abundant, rich fertility

Jennifer BloomeFrom: Jennifer Bloome, The Fertility Expert
Eagan, Minnesota, USA
Wednesday, 3:00 PM

If you’ve been trying to conceive your family for some time now, this information will come as no surprise: dealing with infertility is depleting.

  • It depletes your body as you become hyperaware of every signal and sign.
  • It depletes your mind as you somehow find hope each and every month, only to have to pick yourself again and again and again.
  • It depletes your very spirit as you ask: why me? What more can I do? When will I finally get the family I want so badly?

Even though you get more and more worn out each month, the desire to have your family keeps you pushing, and trying and seeking.

But, here’s the problem: The more you push, the more you deplete your body.

Fertility requires nourishment and openness and nurturing. Not depletion.

How you feel MATTERS to your fertility.

Here's why:

Your emotions create an emotional chemistry within your body. Your cells are constantly listening to this emotional chemistry to determine how to function and which DNA to turn on and off. When there is a fearful or stressful environment, they are influenced to be more in protection mode – not the mode for fertility.

But, how can you shift your internal environment of thoughts and emotions when what is going on in your “real world” is so devastating? How do you nourish yourself during a time of sadness, pain, and frustration?

What if you had the voice of a trusted friend as a constant source of nourishment? A constant voice that redirects you toward better and better feeling thoughts and emotions?

What could your fertility be like?

Introducing: Relief NOW!

Relief Now! audio CD SeriesRelief NOW audios nourish your body, mind, and spirit opening your whole system up to abundant, lush, and rich fertility.

Relief NOW is a series of short healing audios designed to release the thoughts and emotions which lead to depletion and build up the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, which nourish your body, mind and spirit.

The content of the Relief NOW series was created from my years of experience working with women struggling with infertility and blended with an energy-based emotional release technique.

The audios are a great way to get the help you need, when you need it. Even though they don't require a lot of time to listen to them, they are very powerful.


Relief NOW audios are for you if:

  • You find you are swimming in stress about having a baby and don’t know how to let it go.
  • You know you want to add Mind~Body~Spirit work to your fertility journey, but don’t know how.
  • You want to have a more positive focus and feel like getting pregnant is possible, but you simply can’t anymore.
  • You KNOW you want to feel differently, but haven’t been able to do anything that keeps you feeling better.
  • You hate feeling jealous, or deep sadness, or anger, or hopeless about creating your family, but those emotions simply won't go away You feel alone on this journey.
  • You feel like no one understands how you feel.
  • You want to change how you feel permanently Are trying to conceive using natural/alternative therapies or Assisted Reproductive Technology

Here’s how they work:

During each audio I personally lead you through first releasing the negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs you have about the specific topic of the audio. Next, we'll build in the new thoughts and emotions and beliefs which will nourish your mind, body and spirit.

We will use the energy release technique: Emotional Freedom Technique, a very simple acupressure technique to release the negative feelings you have and replace them with more positive messages.

All you have to do is listen, repeat after me, and tap on acupressure points. I have made it as simple for you as possible.

But, don’t be fooled by the simplicity. This is an incredibly powerful tool that will literally change you at the cellular level.

This release technique works at the level of your subconscious, changing your “programming” at the deepest level possible. Once your programming is changed, your internal emotional chemistry will automatically be changed which allows the cells of your body to react differently.

Bottom line? You’ll feel better AND your fertility will be enhanced.

Listen to the experiences of these women:

While doing this, I felt all of the emotions kind of bubble up and then and then I could really feel them disappearing.  Afterwards, I just felt like a huge load was taken off of me!



During, I felt like FINALLY somebody knew how I was feeling. I felt relief to allow myself to let go of the emotions that have been bogging me down. After, I feel balanced.



I found that during the script there were moments when I actually felt release. It was a nice feeling to start to let go of something I have bottled up for several months. After the script, I felt as though I had come to a better place with my situation.



The script was like having a trusted friend remind me of everything I believe or should believe on this journey, and may have forgotten or doubted at a particular time. It was very helpful an encouraging.



I really love how you have us actually tune into our emotions an sort them out. I think there is so much emotions surrounding infertility that sometimes we don't even know WHAT we are feeling. You help to identify that, narrow in on it, and then release it. I enjoy the actual recordings, but also love remembering some of your statements to use as I actually experience the emotions in my every day life. Thank you!



The emotions I have about TTC vary from day to day. Some days I am more realistic/strong, but at other times I need to know that my worries and fears are normal, and also need a little support in dealing with them and getting “back on track.” The audios are there for me to lean on when I need the support.


Remember: your entire reproductive system
thrives on being nourished.
That means FEELING GOOD is imperative.

Which of these audios would you like
to use to start feeling Relief NOW!?

Complete List of Relief NOW! Series Titles


  • Creating Rich Fertility

Releasing Specific Emotions

  • Balancing Hope and Hopelessness
  • Fear of Time Running Out (getting too old)
  • Jealousy and Envy
  • Stress and Worry
  • Sadness
  • What’s Wrong With Me?
  • Anger
  • Shame and Embarrassment
  • Failure

Types of Cycles

  • IVF Cycle Companion
  • First Month of Pregnancy: waiting for the first ultrasound
  • Pregnancy after Loss
  • = Coming Soon!

Each audio lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

Do them once and you will feel a shift. Use them again and again to get lasting support.
The audios are all in MP3 format so you can put them on your iPod or other MP3 player—or burn them to a CD—or listen to them right on your computer. They come with complete instructions—including a picture of the exact acupressure points to use.

I am so encouraged and feel like I can go through my next cycle feeling like a different person! Thank you!



I felt myself relating to the emotions described during the script and feeling relieved that I could talk about them. I spend so much time covering them up and feeling bad about myself for feeling jealous that it felt comforting to have someone/something to relate to.

Mary Lou


EFT is new to me, but I feel the audio's can be very helpful to relief stress, anger, fear, etc. When I listened to the audios I felt more relaxed and reassured.


Remember, with each audio, you get the benefit of my years of experience working with women who are dealing with infertility and my study of techniques designed to change your beliefs at the subconscious level.

By now, you're probably wondering about the cost.

I thought a long time about how to price these audios. I know how expensive fertility treatments are and I also know how powerful these audios are. My current hourly rate is $125. With each audio, you get my wisdom available for use at any time of the day or night at a fraction of the cost.

**Each audio is available at the introductory rate of $9**

Each audio is available individually. To order, simply click the "Add to Cart" button next to the audio. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple audios at one time.


1 Audio: $9
3 Audios: $21 (Use coupon code 3AUDIOS at checkout)
5 Audios: $35 (Use coupon code 5AUDIOS at checkout)
10 Audios: $60 (Use coupon code 10AUDIOS at checkout)

Choose the audios you want from the list below by simply clicking the Add to Cart button next to the description of the audio. Enter the coupon code (from the list above) when you check out.


Creating Rich Fertility Positive fertility affirmations all designed to build a fertile mind, body and spirit. (17:29) add to cart

Releasing Specific Emotions

Balancing Hope and Hopelessness Being hopeful is important, but it can also be painful. Discover how to easily find this emotional place between hope and hopelessness. (15:45) add to cart
Fear of Time Running Out (getting too old) Address the fears of getting too old, the constant pressure of having to have THIS cycle work out.  Build belief in your body, knowing you are doing everything possible, learn how to come fully into this moment where all your healing power resides. (18:23) add to cart
Jealousy and Envy Are you frustrated with your growing feelings of jealousy and envy of your friends or other's with babies in general? Release these emotions with this audio. (15:57) add to cart
Sadness Feeling overwhelmed with sadness about not having your family yet?  Feeling like you can do nothing to move through this emotion?  This audio will help to release your emotions of sadness. (18:58) add to cart
Stress and Worry Are stress and worry your constant companions during each cycle?  Feeling like you KNOW you need to let them go, but can't? This audio helps you to release them in this moment and helps to keep those emotions away. (18:17) add to cart

These audios:

  • Release the negative emotions that keep you focused on your infertility.
  • Help you create the emotions and beliefs that will open you to your fertility.

The combination of these two things allow you to create the emotional chemistry in your body that will fully support lush, rich, and abundant fertility.

I look forward to hearing from you after you’ve had a chance to use the audios that match where you are in your journey to creating your family.

Celebrating your fertility,

Jennifer Bloome Signature

PS: What else could you buy for $9 that will heal you at a subconscious level?

PPS: I know that “Feeling Better” isn’t something that we are typically taught. However, I guarantee you, it is vital for your reproductive system and your overall fertility.