Don’t just “tick” the boxes

Don't just "tick" the boxes

Don’t just “tick” the boxes

My purpose as the founder and community leader of Anji is to help women create the new pathways of thought that lead to Mind-Body-Spirit alignment and vibrant fertility.

This is not a quick “fix”. And yet, it is the process that will correct imbalances within your body creating long term health as well as pregnancy. The side effects of this approach are: joy, happiness, deeper connection (with your Self, with others, with your future children).

This approach – like any other, including IVF – takes commitment and integration into your daily life.

This is an invitation to ask yourself: Am I truly committing in a way that serves my body and fertility? Am I integrating what will support my fertility into my daily life?

My suggestion: Include only the modalities that you can fully integrate into your daily life. Otherwise you simply end up more exhausted and frustrated/angry with your body.

As you are working to build your family, you have so many options as to how to improve your fertility.

One danger I see is people doing as many different modalities as possible while not paying attention to the “why” of the modality. In other words, “ticking” the box of doing that particular modality without truly integrating it in so that it has the possibility of doing what it was designed to do.

Let’s use relaxation or visualization as an example:

The whole point of doing relaxation and/or visualization is to stop the danger signals that are going on in your body. The Relaxation Response shifts the internal chemistry of your body which in turn, supports, nurtures, and amplifies your fertility.

However, if you are doing the relaxation exercise and then following it up with chaotic days, continual angry or stressful or anxious thoughts, or multi-tasking through the exercise, the results cannot build within your body. Perhaps you feel better during those 20 minutes, but you don’t allow them to actually do the work of improving your fertility.

Are you allowing the methods you are using to amplify your fertility the ability to actually work? Don’t let fear of needing to do everything and anything that will “get you pregnant” get in the way of receiving benefits from a specific modality.

Difficulty with infertility is your body telling you that something is out of balance within your body (same as if someone has cancer, or heart problems, or diabetes). What is your body telling you? What is your body truly asking for to shift that imbalance?

As humans, we resist change. We want what we want when we want it without having to make any changes in our lives. I get it. I’m the same way.

You are here and part of the Anji community because you have interest in creating fertility within your body through a Mind-Body-Spirit approach.

If you are willing, I am going to suggest some questions to journal with or simply sit lightly on your consciousness to help you ease into an integration and/or commitment that will change your fertility:

  1. What kind of imbalance is my infertility reflecting to me? Is it in the area of the body, the mind, or the spirit?
  2. What is one step that I can take today to bring myself more into Mind-Body-Spirit balance?
  3. What can shift in my life outside of fertility to match the new skills / thought patterns that I am learning within my fertility quest?

Ready for some help to find the new pathway of thought that will guide you towards your vibrant fertility? Let’s chat – put a time on my calendar here.

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome, MSOT, HWC is the founder and community leader of Anji, inc. and the creator of the Being Fertile System. The seven core principles of this system allow your body to restore its innate fertility and opens you to receive your baby. Jennifer is also the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart meditation series. Get started restoring your innate fertility with our free Being Fertile Meditation and Introductory Presentation: The Science of Being Fertile. Visit