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Anji understands that your information is valuable and its use is of primary importance to you. This document describes Anji's privacy policy. Please take the time to read through it to make sure you are satisfied with how your information is being handled. By navigating this site, you accept the terms given in this notice.

What does Anji do with my information?

Anji uses your information for online ordering of CDs and to offer quality customer service to you. Information about you can be gathered on the contact page, and at the time you place an order. Other than those instances, information about you is not collected on this site.

Does Anji sell or share my information to anyone else?

No. Anji uses your information to bill you for orders and to ship your orders to you, or to help answer questions you may have about services offered. Occasionally you may receive an email notifying you of new services. Other than that, your information is not used for any other kinds of marketing.

What are cookies and why do I need them to use the ordering program?

Cookies are used by most online ordering programs to keep track of what you order. The ordering program used by Anji is no exception. In the Anji ordering program cookies are used to track what you order as you navigate the shopping cart. When these cookies are created, they are given an attribute that erases them when you close your browser. The bottom line is that on this site cookies are used only to track the recordings that you order and when you close your browser, that information is erased. You must have cookies enabled to order CDs from Anji.

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