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Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your assistance ordering the First Trimester CD this morning! Your IVF CD was fantastic and really helped me relax during a very stressful time – I had borrowed it from my acupuncturist. I am looking forward to the next CD!

The general feeling of relaxation that each track gave me was wonderful. Each evening after my injections, I would relax for 20 minutes with the CD, letting my mind let go of the stress from the shots and focus on calm. I even brought the CD with me for my egg retrieval – I listened to it just before going under anesthesia – it helped me chill and relieve my apprehension. After the transfer, it helped me relax through the two week wait – that was the most stressful part of a previous cycle!

- Thanks again,
Alisa Z.


Partner directly with Jennifer Bloome to learn the 5-step system that will allow you to bring your Mind~Body~Spirit system into balance, supporting all of your goals.  All sessions are offered over the phone or Skype .  Group and Individual Sessions are available.  Use your sessions to:

  • Enhance your Fertility
  • Prepare for a cycle
  • Release the grief of miscarriage and loss
  • Get support during pregnancy after infertility


Group Classes

Abundant Fertility

If you are ready to take a deeper journey to shift your fertility at the Mind Body level, I invite you to join me for Abundant Fertility. Twice a month you will receive a one hour recorded program, which centers on a specific mind-body-spirit concept for fertility. Learn more here.

Private Individual Sessions

In-Depth Mind-Body Healing for Fertility

Heal your emotions, uncover the subconscious blocks to your fertility, boost your natural fertility with these in-depth sessions.  Each package of sessions starts with an questionnaire to identify underlying blocks. 

Each session is 60 minutes in length (via phone or Skype) and during each session we'll use a variety of energy healing techniques, guided meditation, and well as talking. During the session we clear away layers of blocked energy, old beliefs and thoughts, and buried emotions. Each time you do this, you bring more energy and nurturing and flow to your entire body including all the physical systems and structures that support fertility.

At the end of each session you receive a detailed plan for healing you can do in between sessions.  You also receive unlimited email access to me for the duration of your package.


3 Session, Deep Healing Package

Three 60 minute sessions, $480

Sessions are generally held weekly, but can be spread out more as needed.  All sessions must be completed within 3 months.


12 Session, Unlock Your Fertility Program

Learn more here

Sessions are scheduled between the hours of 9 - 4 Central Time.  Occasional evening hours are offered, but you must contact me first to see if there are any available. 

For questions please call 651-686-4763, toll-free at 888-770-2770 or email at